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Resource Evaluation Criteria

When we consume information, it is important that we evaluate sources. The ability to evaluate the information is a key critical thinking skill.  To do so, we offer you the ACT UP method. Use this acronym to evaluate your sources answering as many of these questions as you can. 



Who wrote this? What are their credentials? Background information matters.


When was this written or published? Are you seeking a historical perspective or up-to-date information?


Is the information accurate? Can you verify the information elsewhere?


Is the information presented to sway the audience? Is the source explicit about their bias and agenda?


Check the Privilege of the author(s). Are they the ones that might write or publish on this topic? Who is missing in this conversation?

Why ACT UP? 

To ACT UP, means to actively engage in dismantling oppressions and acting upwards to create a more socially just system. To ACT UP means to act in a way that is different from normal. We know that normal usually means the patriarchy and the systemic oppression of POC and other marginalized groups’ contributions to the conversation. 

Please evaluate your sources before you include them in your research, re-Tweet something, or make important decisions! 

Thanks to Dawn Stahura and Simmons College Libraries for the ACT UP evaluation criteria.