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Information for Visitors

The New England Osteopathic Heritage Center welcomes visitors and researchers to our collections.

Arrange a Visit

We are open to the public for research and visits during NEOHC office hours, or contact the archivist to make an appointment.

Research Support

We are committed to providing researchers and visitors with individualized attention. We offer research support services appropriate to any level of inquiry, from general to scholarly. We can also provide online search support, reference information, photocopy and scanning services, and referrals to other libraries.

Visitor Policies

We ask that all visitors respect our policies:

  • Pencils and paper or laptops are allowed for note-taking.
  • Food and drink are not allowed while handling materials.
  • Wash your hands prior to handling materials. White gloves will be provided for use while examining photographs and certain other materials.
  • Help us keep fragile collection material in good condition. Handle with care!
  • Books and manuscript material do not circulate and may not be borrowed.
  • Please maintain the existing order of box and folder contents.
  • You are welcome to take photographs of collection material for your personal use; we are also happy to make photocopies for your reference. If you wish to publish or publicly present any of these photographs, you must obtain written permission from the library.
  • After use, please leave materials with a staff member. Staff will reshelve.
  • Permission to publish portions or whole primary documents must be obtained from the library in writing. The researcher bears all responsibility for the observance of copyright restrictions.