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A. Carman Clark papers, 1917-2005The A. Carman Clark Papers contain diverse material types: diaries and journals covering 30 years; manuscript, draft and printed columns; articles and books; research files composed of clippings, notes, and correspondence; extensive correspondence; information on memberships, awards, teaching and conferences; and memorabilia including photographs, school papers and her typewriter.

Abagail Burnell letters, 1855-1857The letters from Burnell to her mother are handwritten in phonetic English with many traditional misspellings.

Abba Goold Woolson collection, 1880-1881This collection includes two letters and a photograph.

Abbie Bartlett Shapleigh correspondence, 1860-1902This collection consists entirely of correspondence, both original letters and typed transcriptions. The more than 200 letters cover the years between 1860 and 1892.

Abbie Huston Evans collection, 1964-1988This collection includes biographical notes, correspondence, news clippings, and typescripts.

Abbie S. Beede papers, 1837-1985, undatedThis collection includes family correspondence, postcards, property deeds, Pinkham family genealogy and a photograph of the Beede home.

Abbie Sewall collection, 1988-1989This collection includes correspondence with MWWC, a lecture and articles.

Ada Pierce McCormick collection, 1923-1984, undatedThis collection includes biographical info, full issues of Letter Magazine 1943-47, articles and booklets.

Adelyn Bushnell collection, 1924-1954This collection includes articles written about Adelyn Bushnell.

Alex Sax collection, 2008This collection consists of postcards and a booklet documenting Sax’s art installation entitled “The Cobweb Club,” exhibited at the Portland Museum of Art as part of “New Natural History: An Exhibition of Work by Maine Contemporary Artists.” Sax’s installation drew from the “The Annals of the Cobweb Club,” a record kept by Margaret Jane Mussey Sweat who founded the group of women for the purpose of shared intellectual discourse and inquiry.

Alice Mariett collection, 1932-1964This collection contains clippings, poetry, manuscripts and ephemera related to Alice Mariett and others.

Alice Parkman collection, 1906-1914, undatedThis collection includes letters to Alice Parkman.

Alicia Kaye Smith collection, 1935-1993This collection contains an obituary.

Alnah James Johnston collection, 1978–1981This collection includes book publicity and speeches.

Alta Ashley collection, 1969-1995The collection includes an obituary, articles, photographs, a resume and a copy of a booklet authored by Ashley entitled The Monhegan Ice Pond. There is also a small amount of material relating to Monhegan Island.

Alta G. Wallingford collection, 1860, 1865This collection consists of clippings from the Herald of Freedom anti-slavery newspaper and a tax receipt.

Amy MacDonald collection, 1990-1998This collection includes reviews, publicity, interviews, and workshop publicity.

Ann Beattie papers, 1976-1996, undatedThis collection consists of a 433-page typescript of Beattie’s novel Falling in Place (1981), with the author’s inscription on the title page, and a collection of personal correspondence from Beattie to Burt Britton from 1976-1996.

Ann Franco collection, 1979This collection includes published poetry and articles.

Ann S. Attwood papers, 1854-1886This collection includes original correspondence.

Ann S. Stephens collection, 1835-1980The majority of the collection material consists of Stephens’ published works in periodicals of her time, including an 1859 open letter to Victor Hugo. Also included are one manuscript poem, a bibliography of her published pieces in The Ladies Companion, 1838-1839, and a piece combining biographical information and literary criticism of Ann Stephens written in 1880.

Anna Barrows papers, 1839-1948, undatedThis collection includes several folders of Barrows’ notes and drafts of demonstration lectures. Also included are some of Barrows’ published articles and other ephemeral material on the topic of home economics education. There is correspondence between family members, a number of Barrows’ vital records (birth certificate, will, etc.), and material relating to Barrows’ interest in gardening, antiques, and rare books.

Anna Holt Henderson collection, 1978–1979This collection includes correspondence and an article.

Anna Scott Lougee collection, undatedThis collection includes the manuscript “Music and Musicians of Maine.”

Anne Carroll Moore collection, undatedThis collection includes a review and “Reading for Pleasure” book list.

Anne Hazlewood-Brady papers, 1958–2001The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, articles, playbills and personal papers.

Anne R. Witten collection, 1972-1992This collection includes articles, correspondence, and performance publicity.

Anne Weir papers, 1982-2003This collection includes copies of Weir’s writings from 1982-2000 and her 2002 literary trust, as well as “Copies of Original Writings.”

Annie Finch collection, 2011This collection consists of a program for Finch’s 2011 production of her play “Wolf Song” through the Poets Theater of Maine.

Ardeana Hamlin Knowles collection, 1986–1987This collection includes a photograph.

Arla Patch collection, 2012The collection contains an essay Patch wrote for the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Audrey White Beyer papers, 1935-1985This collection includes typescripts of Beyer’s early poetry and prize-winning articles, as well as of her four young adult novels, published from 1959-1968.

Barbara Banker Kamar collection, 1885–2012, undatedThe Barbara Banker Kamar collection is composed of correspondence and memorabilia, with supporting biographical material.

Berenice Abbott collection, 1950-1991This collection consists primarily of published articles about Abbott and her work, dating from the 1970s into the 1990s. Also included are exhibition catalogs and ephemera from the exhibits which featured Abbott’s work, material regarding awards received, and a small amount of correspondence from Abbott to the MWWC.

Bertha S. Harmon collection, 1978, 1991This collection includes correspondence, article and a color photograph.

Bessie Smith Moulton collection, 2008, 2014, undatedThis collection includes a resume, exhibition postcards, and a note to Cally Gurley.

Betsy Sholl collection, 1988-1993The collection contains reviews and articles, mostly photocopies.

Beulah Fenderson Smith collection, 1964, 1974The collection contains several clippings.

Bhima MacDonald Sturtevant papers, 1814-2000This collection contains essays, poetry, manuscripts, maps, photographs, clippings, research and correspondence. Her research topics include islands, health, dancing, food, humor, music, transportation, the city of Portland and Abigail May.

Blaisdell family letters, 1879-1916This collection consists of 123 letters, most of which are addressed to either Mrs. F. W. (Lucy) Blaisdell or to her daughter Elizabeth Pierce Blaisdell Dolan. The collection also contains Elizabeth’s 1942 diary.

Blanche Willis Howard collection, 1847–1906This collection contains samples of Howard’s literary work in manuscript form, biographical information, correspondence, business papers with her publishers, and estate documents. Some items are in German.

Bobette McCarthy collection, 1993This collection includes a review and greeting cards designed by McCarthy.

Book Insert collection, 1839-1998There is a large range of material types in this collection including photographs, clippings, correspondence, and greeting cards.

Bradford Dudley Daziel collection, 1975-1992This collection includes correspondence and copy of Daziel’s dissertation.

Brenda Bettinson collection, 1996-2009This collection contains a festschrift book created for Bettinson by Mathias Fine Art in 2009, composed of color and black and white reproductions of Bettinson’s work and essays by 24 contributors.

Brenda Shaw collection, 1996-1997This collection includes reviews, a publicity letter and brochure.

C. Elizabeth (Lib) Sawyer collection, 1986This collection includes “Still Waters” poetry booklet.

C. Ellen Whittemore collection, 1858This collection includes v.1, no.1 (Dec. 14, 1858) of The Floral Wreath, a hand-written newspaper edited by Whittemore.

Camp Moy Mo Da Yo collection, 1907-2009This collection contains records primarily dating from 1907 to 1972 including administrative records, publications and ephemera. The majority of the collection is made up of photographs documenting the camp throughout its existence. The images include photographs of the camp, various activities and groups of campers and staff.

Carol Armstrong collection, 1986-1987The collection includes correspondence from Carol Armstrong to Dorothy Healy, some of it on cards designed by Armstrong.

Carol Brightman collection, 1983-1999This collection includes articles (one on Deborah Morton) and reviews.

Carol Farley Kessler papers, 1970–2015The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, articles, reviews, research papers and background materials, photographs and artifacts.

CarolAnn Brown collection, 1992-1993One folder compiled by John Jaques, USM professor, contains correspondence, poetry, poetry awards, and Jaques’ notes on CarolAnn Brown.

Caroline Dana Howe collection, 1886This collection includes promotional material for Ashes for Flame, and Other Poems.

Carolyn Chute collection, 1984-2009This collection consists almost entirely of newspaper and magazine interviews with the author and reviews of her publications. The material reveals a great deal about her personal life and how it influences her writing.

Carolyn Gage collection, 2003–2007The collection consists of one newspaper article and a small amount of correspondence.

Casey Miller collection, 1986-1987This collection includes letter to Dorothy Healy, articles, and an interview.

Cathie Pelletier papers, 1963-2003Restricted.

Celia Thaxter collection, 1874-1996This collection consists of correspondence, published material, reviews, clippings and photographs.

Chandler family letters, 1870-1949This collection includes primarily correspondence to and from members of the Chandler family from 1870-1949. The bulk of the letters date from 1925-47, and are addressed either to Grace (“Bird”) or Ellen (“Lulla” or “Kit”). Many of the letters document Grace’s handling of the family’s investments, as well as the financial challenges caused by the 1929 stock market crash.

Chansonetta Stanley Emmons collection, 1886–2008This collection includes numerous items relating to Chansonetta Stanley Emmons’ life and work, including include copies of correspondence, photographs, articles, and glass plate negatives of images taken in Kingfield and New Portland, Maine.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman collection, 1880–2001This collection includes correspondence, trade cards designed by Gilman and articles.

Chenoweth Hall slides, 1952–1986This collection is composed of slides and stereo slides of images taken by Hall from 1952 to 1986, including images of her home with Miriam Colwell in Prospect Harbor and their pets; the natural world, including gardens, birds and landscapes; excursions along the Maine coast; travel to Europe (especially Greece), Canada, New York, Virginia and Washington, D.C.; Hall’s artwork; and visits with artist friends such as Berenice Abbott, Ruth Moore, Bernard Langlais, Beverly Hassam, Robert Shetterly and others.

Christine Teale Howes collection, 1979–1995This collection includes Howes’ resume, some correspondence, one interview with the York County Coast Star, several chapbooks, and early drafts. Also included is the sheet music accompanying her compositions, “Changing Perceptions” and “Epitaph.”

Chute-Kellman Maine Militia papers, 1995-2018The majority of the collection is composed of correspondence from Carolyn Chute to Peter Kellman, spanning the years of 1995-2018. Chute’s correspondence is wide-ranging in its subject matter–from personal reflections on writing and the politics of publishing to political discussions about corporate personhood and the work of the 2nd Maine Militia.

Clara L. Soule collection, undatedThis collection includes a pageant program.

Clifford-Flanders family papers, circa 1852-1989This collection contains biographical and genealogical material, writings, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia. The first series consists of biographical information and birth, marriage, death and estate records, as well as a good deal of genealogical research on the Clifford, Lee, Hawkins and Flanders families (mostly performed by Margaret Clifford Flanders) with additional minimal information on the DeMerritt and Came lines.

Clubs, Organizations, and Associations collection, 1803-1987This collection consists of materials pertaining to various women’s clubs, organizations, and associations, located for the most part in Maine, with a few belonging to other states. Some are local branches of national organizations, such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the American Association of University Women, while most are stand-alone entities.

Constance Hunting collection, 1979–1996The contents of this collection include photocopies of newspaper and magazine interviews with poet, editor and publisher Hunting and a color photo of the author.

Courtney MacLeod collection, 2010The collection contains six typed poems.

Crystal Cawley collection, 2004, 2007This collection includes a postcard. The Maine Women Writers Collection also holds six of Cawley’s artist’s books.

Dahlov Ipcar collection, 1966–2000This collection includes drafts and publication material relating to Ipcar’s 1990 collection of fantasy short stories, The Nightmare and Her Foal. Also in the collection are articles and essays by and about the author, catalogs, and original artwork.

Daphne Winslow Merrill papers, 1954-1992This collection includes manuscripts of Merrill’s articles and the book More Cones From the Pines of Maine, as well as copies of published articles. Also included is literary correspondence with the publishers of Merrill’s poetry. A scrapbook contains reader responses and clippings pertaining to More Cones.

Deborah Dalfonso collection, 1988-2008The five folders in this collection include Dalfonso’s obituary, fourteen articles for Down East, a sample of other magazine articles, and mock-ups of her two books: Sister (about the life of interior decorator Sister Parish), and Christina Olsen (on the woman featured in Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”).

Della May Noyes collection, 1868-1970This collection consists of 16 daily diaries dated 1926, 1929, 1930-1943; one “Old Maids’ Retreat” log book of a camp/tent she frequented with friends, possibly on Pennesseewassee Lake in Norway, ME, dated 1893-1900 and other materials.

Denise Levertov collection, 1964–1986This collection includes correspondence, interviews, and articles.

Diane Fitzpatrick collection, 2009This collection consists of materials related to the presentation of Fitzpatricks’ play, including promotional postcards, programs, and three copies of the DVD recording of the performance.

Dolores Cairns collection, 1927-1947The collection includes a biographical information sheet and photocopies of scrapbooks containing Cairns’ published poems and essays.

Donna M. Loring papers, 1956–2016, undatedThis collection is a rich resource for researchers interested in the unique role of Maine’s Tribal Representatives, the history and current state of affairs for the Wabanaki people of Maine, and state politics in Maine.

Doris P. Faucher collection, 2015The collection contains Faucher’s obituary in the August 2, 2015 Maine Sunday Telegram.

Doris Ricker Marston collection, 1970This collection includes a manuscript of A Guide to Writing History and a photocopy of her article published in The New England Galaxy.

Doris Thurston collection, 1979This collection contains reviews and correspondence.

Dorothea Lynde Dix collection, 1848-1974The collection material is related to Dorothea Dix’s work on behalf of society’s disadvantaged and war veterans as recorded in Congressional testimony.

Dorothy Clarke Wilson papers, 1926-1989This collection contains articles about, and interviews with, Wilson; typescripts of some of the author’s writings; and decorative objects and textiles from Wilson’s travels in India.

Dorothy Cole collection, 1977-1981This collection contains correspondence to Dorothy Healy and four bell catalogs of the Cole Museum – Taps, Twisters and Twirlers; Bells That Do Not Ring; The Museum Home of Dorothy and Robert Cole…Mecca in Maine; and Door-Bells.

Dorothy Kemball Walker collection, 1986-1987This collection contains correspondence relating to Walker’s book.

Dorothy M. Cram collection, 1931-1987This collection includes poetry and short story manuscripts as well as clippings of published material by Cram.

Dorothy Schwartz papers, 1979–2014The collection includes a variety of Schwartz’s research on Charles Darwin, from exhibition flyers to magazine articles. It includes photographs Schwartz took at Darwin’s house, and various iterations of the work she created from these photos. There is a small woodcut block, as well as six of Schwartz’s artist notebooks from 1979-2013, some of which contain personal journal writing.

Dorothy Simpson collection, 1933-1999This collection includes 12 folders of typescript, design and layout for graphics for Maine Islands as well as correspondence, reviews and interviews.

Dorothy Stanley Emmons collection, 1917, undatedThis small collection contains reproductions of work by Dorothy Stanley Emmons, daughter of Chansonetta Emmons, and a short biography and a newspaper clipping of her marriage.

Dorothy W. Sanborn papers, 1946-2001The collection contains many copies of newspaper articles, as well as book drafts, article notes and short stories. It also contains correspondence with editors/publishers and family members, as well as multiple obituaries and a folder of unidentified photographs.

Dorothy Wright Simes papers, 1906-1970The papers of Dorothy Wright Simes are contained in 30 diaries and five folders of family information. The diaries start in 1937 and finish in 1970. Some of the diaries are very complete with notations on fifty, sixty or even seventy percent of the days; but a few are minimal.

Dr. Anne E. Perkins collection, 1930-1954This collection includes the correspondence between Dr. Anne E. Perkins and Ralph C. Bean. Some clippings are also included, as well as letters to Dr. Perkins from persons other than Mr. Bean.

Edith A. Sawyer collection, 1852-1956This collection includes foreword by Harriett Prescott Spofford, envelope, photographs, engraving and article.

Edith Chase Weren collection, 1968-1973This collection includes an obituary, a transcription of the funeral service held at the First Congregational Church in Blue Hill, Maine, and a tribute to Weren in the Westbrook College publication The Mirror.

Edith Gough Row collection, 1936-1989This collection includes published poetry, correspondence, and “Memoir of my grandmother, Edith Row” by Robin St. John Conover.

Edith Leverett Dalton collection, circa 1897This collection includes handwritten manuscripts for two prose stories, “Country Life” and “The Blue Dress.”

Edith Patch collection, 1913-1997This collection includes articles, poems in greeting cards, and publicity.

Edna St. Vincent Millay collection, 1900-1992The collection consists of photocopies of the poet’s early work, biographical sketches, and correspondence with her mother and sisters. Also included are a few photographs of a school-aged Millay, an example of her signature, and two volumes of Tamarack, a journal edited by her sister, Norma Millay, in the 1980s.

Education collection, 1840-1979This collection was created by the Maine Women Writers Collection and includes correspondence, a commencement booklet, a “List of Guests,” and Misses Symonds’ School Catalogue.

Eleanor Mayo manuscript, undatedThis collection consists of one unpublished manuscript by Mayo, entitled The Pleasure Dome.

Eleanor Noyes Johnson papers, 1932–1993This collection contains hand-written drafts and typescripts of Johnson’s young adult novel, King Alfred II, as well as Armitage Hall. Also included is literary correspondence from 1957-1962, publicity material, book reviews, and published short articles and stories.

Elisabeth May Ogilvie papers, 1933-2006The collection includes biographical information, manuscripts, interviews, reviews, newsletters, photographs, correspondence, notes, and research materials.

Elizabeth Akers Allen papers, 1866-1911This collection is composed primarily of letters from Elizabeth Akers Allen to her friend Gilbert Tracy, written between 1902-1911. Some literary correspondence between Akers Allen and several publishers is included, as well as a manuscript copy of Sea Birds, under her pseudonym Florence Percy, dated 1866.

Elizabeth De Wolfe collection, 1997, 2009This collection includes research for a book and a lecture invitation.

Elizabeth Ellis Hoyt collection, 1973This collection includes 7 boxes of shells. A note included in the collection reads: “Collection of sea shells from all parts of the world.”

Elizabeth Foster collection, 1942-1994This collection consists predominantly of typescripts of the author’s published and unpublished novels, novelettes, short stories, and pages from works. It is possible Foster intended to expand upon them at a later time. A few of the works exist in various editions and some typescripts include synopses and a listing of the publications to which the pieces were submitted.

Elizabeth J. Moore collection, 1991-1993This collection includes correspondence with MWWC, biographical information, reviews, and work published in periodicals.

Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth papers, 1900-1985This collection includes manuscripts, diaries and notebooks, personal and professional correspondence and memorabilia, appointment books, scrapbooks, and other papers from Coatsworth’s life.

Elizabeth Lester Poole collection, 1947-2006This collection includes Poole’s CV, correspondence, published photography and writings, and materials related to her work at Stanley Museum, including posters, brochures, slides, Stanley family interviews, and clippings.

Elizabeth Miles collection, 2011This collection consists of one article by Miles for The Portland Phoenix.

Elizabeth Oakes Smith collection, 1842-2007The collection contains original copies of Smith’s first stories “The Western Captive,” “The Christian Sisters,” and “Gems and Reptiles,” published in 1842 and poems published in an 1852 edition of Graham’s Magazine. Also in the collection are two photographic reprints of Smith, one as a young woman and also in her later years. Among the material is a piece of correspondence dated 1866, to a Maine attorney, recommending Smith as a lecturer, either for compensation or for no cost as “she could not fail of satisfying everybody with you.”

Elizabeth Payson Prentiss collection, 1983The collection includes a portrait and an essay.

Elizabeth Ring collection, 1972-1997This collection includes articles, reviews, teaching guides, and a copy of Maine Bibliography: A Bibliographical Guide, 1973.

Elizabeth Willard collection, 1925-1929This collection includes correspondence from Elizabeth Willard to her family while at camp and while attending Wheaton College. There is also a selection of letters written to Elizabeth from family and friends. Also included is a photograph of the girls at Camp Bendito, and composition books kept by Elizabeth and her sister Frances.

Ellen Hamlin Butler collection, 1911This collection includes a scrapbook.

Ellen James collection, 1904–1977This collection includes correspondence, several poetry typescripts, autobiographical essay, photographs, 1930s Monhegan Island scrapbook, and commonplace book.

Emma B. Dunham collection, 1877This collection includes a Christmas carol written by Emma Dunham.

Emma Eames collection, 1903This collection includes an article about Eames and her Italian home from The Delineator, Dec. 1903.

Ephemera collection, 1884-circa 1913, undatedThe collection contains two sets of “Queens of Literature” playing cards, several postcards, a broadside poem, a clipping, a bookmark, a pin with a photo of May Sarton, and a manuscript poem.

Erica Quin-Easter collection, 2003-2005Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes two CDs and several articles. Biographical/Historical Note Erica Quin-Easter is a writer, musician and composer.

Estelle M. Tatterson collection, 1901This collection includes a playbill for Tatterson’s play “The Judgement of Paris.”

Esther E. Wood collection, 1956-2002This collection includes correspondence, reviews, articles, and copies of the columns she wrote for various publications.

Ethel Godfrey Loud collection, 1880-1959This collection contains travel diaries, photographs, letters; Smith College (class of 1901) memorabilia, as well as a memorial album for her husband.

Eva A. Twist and Bertha M. Connor diaries, 1895-1948This collection contains 24 diaries; 22 diaries written by Eva Twist, two diaries written by Bertha Connor, and various newspaper clippings and receipts.

Eva Elder collection, undatedThis collection includes a photograph.

Eva McDonald-Valesh collection, 1891This collection includes correspondence.

Evelyn E. Mullins collection, undatedThis collection includes an article and a photograph.

Fannie Hardy Eckstorm collection, 1917-1996This collection contains a small number of reviews and articles (photocopies) about the author and her writings about Maine; also one photo which is a reproduction. There is a reprint of an extract from her 1889 journal, edited by Benton L. Hatch and also a personal letter from him to its recipient, tucked into the reprint.

Fannie M. Harford diaries, 1897–1922This collection consists of four diaries written during the years 1897-1900, 1915, and 1922. These diaries provide an intimate view into the daily life of Fannie M. Harford, her family and friends. Readers can track developments in Portland area infrastructure and enjoy daily weather reports.

Fanny Fern collection, 1853-1872This collection includes twentieth century articles, a family history, photographs, and published work in periodicals including Portland Transcript and the People’s Organ. The collection holds at least one copy of each of her book titles and three titles appearing as articles in Portland newspapers. In some cases multiple printings of a given title are in the collection. Unless otherwise indicated, the titles are first editions. Additionally, the collection holds several biographical and critical titles.

Female Samaritan Association records, 1828-2007The collection consists primarily of meeting and financial records, dating from the 1930s to the present. There are constitutions, brochures, clippings, and some photographs of the founder and members.

Feminist Spiritual Community records, 1975-2017, undatedThe collection consists of meeting notes, which discuss the Community’s decision-making process, as well as financial documents, newsletters, and by-laws. There are many examples of rituals the Community performed and various objects used in these rituals.

Fitch family correspondence, 1845-1868The Fitch family letters contain letters from multiple members of the Fitch family. The bulk of the letters are from Frances (Fannie) Anderson to her cousin Mary Perley (nee Fitch); these letters are posted from Paris, Savannah, Georgia, and Bridgton, Maine. The second largest collection of letters is from Almira Fitch to her daughter, Caroline. There are also multiple dance hall cards from Portland, Maine dances throughout 1848 signed by Henry Perley.

Flora McGlauflin Searles collection, 1967This collection includes correspondence from Barbara Schmidt (a grand-niece) to the Maine Women Writers Collection and a photograph.

Florence Burrill Jacobs papers, 1904-1976This collection includes extensive files of Jacobs’ manuscripts, both published and unpublished, as well as correspondence from publishers dating from the 1920s through the 1970s. Also in the collection is biographical information, including autobiographical notes, student essays about Jacobs, photographs and school-related notebooks and memorabilia.

Florence Demers collection, circa 1950-1977This collection includes correspondence, essays, an interview and a booklet titled My Bird Friend.

Florence Sturges collection, 1977-1986This collection contains several booklets written by Sturges, as well as correspondence and clippings.

Frances Emery-Waterhouse collection, 1948–1966This collection includes correspondence with Burton Trafton, biographical information and articles.

Frances Peabody papers, 1920-1997This collection includes files for Tate House: Crown of the Maine Mast Trade; newspaper clippings, photocopies, research papers, and uncredited notes that Peabody collected for reference purposes on a variety of subjects; and papers that relate to Peabody’s work with many Maine organizations.

Frances Rounds Rowell collection, undatedThis collection includes booklet of “State of Maine” poem by Rowell.

Frances Wright Turner collection, [1957]This collection contains an article about Turner and a bio sheet.

Gary W. Woolson collection, circa 1948-2010Collection includes correspondence between Gary W. Woolson, a Bangor, Maine, used book seller, and various Maine women authors and others, including Marie Donahue, Rose Ricker, Pat Lewis and MWWC curator Dorothy Healy.

Geneva V. Damon collection, 1973-1980This collection includes published and unpublished poems, articles.

Georgia Shaw Prescott collection, 1970-1973Full finding aid (pdf)

Georgiana Souther Barrows papers, 1856-1890This collection includes correspondence from Georgiana to her husband and her mother-in-law, and from her husband when he was in the Maine Senate. There are several verse manuscripts, one of which (“Dirge”) is signed.

Gertrude W. Mills collection, 1938This collection consists of a biography of Sylvia Stanislaus written by Mills.

Gladys Hager collection, 1992Collection consists of a series of letters from Yasuo Hashiguchi, Jewett scholar, to Gladys Hager, written in 1992 and related to discussion of Dorothy Healy.

Gladys Hasty Carroll collection, 1919-1999The bulk of the manuscript material is correspondence with Burton Trafton, beginning in the late 1930s focusing on the years of World War II through 1990.

Gladys J. Goodwin collection, undatedThis collection includes musical score and unpublished poetry.

Glenna Botting collection, 1989This collection includes three collections of poems from Glenna Botting.

H. H. Price papers, 1983-2009These papers mainly include drafts of essays and chapters, correspondence, worksheets, illustrations, revisions, proofs and printer’s mechanicals produced between 1983 and 2009.

Harriet A. McNeil letters, 1852-1855This brief series of letters to a woman named Caroline (1852-53) and an agent named Mr. Libby (1855) describe Harriet McNeil’s attempt to sell her patrimony and arrange for Caroline to receive the money so that she could travel to live in Alabama with Mrs. McNeil.

Harriet Beecher Stowe collection, 1880-1999The collection of approximately a dozen files includes ephemera and one piece of correspondence related to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, one tract by Stowe, 20th century published scholarship about her literary and personal life, two undated stereoscopic views possibly at her Florida residence and an undated photograph of the author.

Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford collection, 1891-2004This collection consists of the author’s pieces published in late 19th and early 20th century magazines, biographical material, a pencil sketch of Spofford, and research about Spofford by scholars.

Harriet Payson Flagg correspondence, 1809-1821The 32 letters in the collection span the years 1809-1821. The contents range from early letters with gossip about marriages to letters concerning money and deaths among family and friends.

Harriet Plimpton collection, 1812-1978This collection includes typescripts, correspondence, photographs, a 1905-1909 diary, and memorabilia.

Hattie Hacker drawings and paintings, 1887-1889The collection includes 13 oil paintings (1 on canvas, 10 on board, 2 on paper), as well as 35 charcoal drawings (16 drawings on mat board).

Hazel Wilson collection, 1950-1992This collection contains photographs, interviews and reviews, and her son’s memorial tribute.

Heather Payson collection, 1985This collection includes photocopies of poetry and letter from Dorothy Healy.

Helen Hamlin collection, 1945–2006This collection includes photographs, forward to “Nine Mile Bridge”, paper and review.

Helen Nearing collection, 1917-2004This collection includes articles, postcard, reviews, and a grant application.

Helen Pitman collection, 1957, undatedCollection includes typescript carbon of account of Canadian trip, notebook with itinerary, postcards, and diary of 1957 European travels of Helen Pitman and Anna S. Perry.

Helen Rogers Smith collection, 1977-1978This collection includes correspondence, holograph and typed poetry.

Helen Sherwood Vining collection, 1910-1911This collection includes both typescript poems and [published?] poems as well as a letter.

Helen Slocum Estabrook collection, undatedThis collection includes a book jacket.

Helen Wilmans collection, 1897-1898This collection contains letters from Helen Wilmans to Sarah Eaton, and biographical information.

Helen Yglesias collection, 1981-1998This collection includes articles, reviews, interviews, and an obituary.

Hilda C. Fletcher collection, 1982This collection includes a typescript.

Hilda Fife collection, 1972-1991This collection includes correspondence with Dorothy Healy, and articles.

Holly Hill collection, 1990This collection includes “Poems and Prose” typescript.

Hortense Flexner collection, 1990-1993This collection includes publicity, published poems, and articles.

Hortense Gardner Gregg collection, 1909–1949This collection includes interviews, articles, poetry, and a black and white photograph.

Hulda Greenwood diaries and Fellows family papers, 1868–1902This collection contains twenty diaries written by Hulda Greenwood, two diaries of Julia G. Brown, as well as photographs, genealogical data and correspondence pertaining to the Fellows family.

Ina Ladd Brown collection, 1957-1984This collection consists of typescripts of Brown’s poetry (some unpublished) and plays, as well as essays on the subject of writing. A small amount of correspondence and ephemera related to her writing is included.

Ina N. Emery collection, 1931This collection includes a paper read by Ina Emery at the Stanley-Gould reunion, August 29, 1931.

Inez Farrington collection, circa 1942-1997This collection includes correspondence, reviews and a published poem.

Isabel Whittier collection, 1956-1957This collection consists of booklets.

Isabella (Pansy) Alden collection, 1942The collection contains two letters from Isabella Alden’s niece to Anna Hooper of Portland, Maine.

Isabelle Maria Hoffses diaries, 1862–1908These six diaries, written by Hoffses between 1862 and 1908, primarily record her deep concerns about her spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical state of being. Also included are pedagogical and Biblical notes of significance to her development. Most of the entries were written in Waldoboro or other surrounding towns where Hoffses taught school.

J. Day Mason collection, 1987-1990This collection includes review, press releases, correspondence with Dorothy Healy, exhibit materials, photographs, and two poems in calligraphy.

Jacqueline Briggs Martin collection, 1997This collection includes photocopies of biographical information.

Jacqueline Field collection, 1998-2014The collection includes copies of published writing, as well as a CV and photos from a Robert Burns Dinner Party.

Jacqueline M. Barstow Sorenson collection, 1974This collection consists of a photocopy of a manuscript – Stuff n’ Things Poetry n’ Prose.

Jacqueline M. Dumas collection, 1971-1977This collection includes reviews, articles and correspondence.

Jan Owen collection, 1995-1997The collection is a single folder containing two artists’ book collaborations with Jennifer Craig.

Jane C. Morrison collection, 1987This collection includes publicity and obituary.

Jane W. Anderson collection, 1848The collection contains a three stanza prayer poem written by Anderson in August 1848.

Jane Weinberger collection, 1985-2004This collection contains Weinberger’s resume, a catalog of books published by Windswept House Publishers, notes, newspaper articles, and a resolution from the Jackson Laboratory.

Janis Cummings collection, circa 1970-1979This collection includes correspondence and manuscripts.

Jay Wood Turning Company documents, 1899–1916This collection includes documents from circa 1900 concerning the establishment of the Jay Wood Turning Company and its stockholders. Also included is material relating to the Julia Cote case, which appeared before the Maine Supreme Court in 1916. Documents include the Supreme Court writ and and attorney’s letter advising the Jay Wood Company in matters of the case. A roster of names is also included, signed by workers wishing to donate a portion of their earnings to Julia Cote.

Jean Preis papers, 1993-2016The collection includes 7 bound volumes of Preis’s “Bird Watch” column for the Bridgton News (including an index). It also includes one copy of a 2008 Bird Watcher’s Digest with an article by Preis, and another 1987 copy of Bird Watcher’s Digest with an aricle by Dorothy Sanborn.

Jean Saunders Duling collection, 1986, 1996This collection includes a review and an invitation to an autograph party for her book Wing Songs.

Jean Stafford collection, 1996, undatedThis collection contains a photograph of Stafford and a photocopy of a newspaper clipping.

Jennifer Lynn Craig collection, 1996-1997This collection includes broadside, and articles.

Jessie S. Cole collection, 1976This collection includes a booklet of poetry written by Jessie Cole and illustrated by her daughter.

Jessie Wheeler Freeman collection, 1940-1963This collection includes correspondence, musical score and published poem.

Joan Benoit Samuelson collection, 1984-1987This collection includes newspaper clippings and articles.

Joanna Halpert Kraus collection, 1957–1986This collection includes correspondence and writings, some of which are manuscripts.

Jolene Goldenthal collection, undatedThis collection includes a radio script and resume.

Josephine Diebitsch Peary papers, 1861-2003The collection consists of a large variety of historical items, including four important scrapbooks compiled by Rear Admiral and Mrs. Peary’s daughter, Marie Peary Stafford, which place in chronological order, papers and photographs telling the story of their lives, the majority of the contents focusing on Josephine Peary.

Joyce Butler collection, 1969-2014This collection consists mostly of published articles and essays on Maine history, written by Butler between 1970-1986. Also included are promotional material and reviews for her published books, and one folder of biographical material.

Joyce K. Bibber collection, 1983-1989This collection contains two articles – one about Portland home interiors and one about Nathan Winslow, an early 19th century Portland merchant.

Judith Magyar Isaacson papers, 1976–1990This collection documents Isaacson’s research and writing of Seed of Sarah, her Holocaust memoir. The collection consists of research material, including papers relating to a reunion of former inmates of the Lichtenau concentration camp.

Julia Older collection, 2008, undatedThis collection includes publicity material.

Julie Poitras Santos papers, 2014-2018The collection contains a postcard from a series of ritual walks, as well as the program for Making Migration Visible, which Santos co-curated.

Julie Zimmerman collection, 1992-1995This collection contains articles and publicity.

Karen Douglass collection, 1992-1994This collection includes reviews.

Karen Woodruff Jackson collection, undatedThis collection includes essays written by Jackson.

Kate Barnes papers, 1960-2005, undatedThe collection contains manuscripts, drawings, correspondence, and ephemera.

Kate Douglas Wiggin collection, 1883-1938The collection includes photographs, flyers and playbills for her works, reviews, along with other forms of ephemera, published work and original correspondence, as well as a series devoted to the California Kindergarten Training School and the Froebel Society.

Kate Flora papers, 1997-2008This collection contains entire drafts of three published books: Playing God (1999), Liberty or Death (1999) and Stalking Death — The Seventh Thea Kozak Mystery (2008). Drafts contain editorial comments. Also includes reviews.

Kate Tryon collection, 1928-1974This collection includes newspaper articles, catalogs from a 1972 exhibit of Tryon’s work, and a number of paintings by Tryon. Maine Women Writers Collection also holds a copy of the 2-volume Adventures in the Vale of the White Horse and 14 books by Richard Jefferies from Tryon’s personal library.

Kate Vannah collection, 1891-1933This collection includes the 1891 sheet music for Celia Thaxter’s “Good Bye, Sweet Day,” articles and a poem.

Katharine E. O’Brien papers, 1905-1986This collection documents O’Brien’s creative work as well as her high school teaching career. Among the creative works are poetry notes and drafts, published verse, musical scores, and literary correspondence. The collection includes O’Brien’s Deering High School files from 1940-1971.

Katherine Van der Veer collection, undatedThis collection includes poetry.

Kathleen Ellis collection, 1989-1996This collection includes reviews, workshop publicity and articles.

Kathrine Cole Aydelott collection, 2003This collection consists of a manuscript of literary criticism about Sarah Orne Jewett’s work. Aydelott’s dissertation was titled Maine Stream: A Bibliographical Reception Study of Sarah Orne Jewett.

Katy Perry papers, 1966-2012The bulk of this collection is composed of drafts for articles and clippings of Perry’s numerous newspaper columns from 1966-2011. Also included are a few articles about Perry, as well as a biographical sketch, business card, senior thesis comparing Perry’s Pieces of Earth to Thoreau’s Walden, and approximately 44 VHS tape recordings of her television program, Our Towns, dated 1995-2004.

Kitty Parsons collection, 1969This collection includes newspapers and correspondence with Dorothy Healy.

Lael Morgan papers, 1936-2017Contained in the Lael Morgan papers are: newspaper clippings; photographs, including a large number of slides and transparencies; manuscripts; scrapbooks; travel logs; correspondence; media; and memorabilia.

Laura Curtis Bullard collection, 1981This collection includes a review and a reproduction photograph; also a biographical sketch.

Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards papers, 1884-1969This collection holds a sampling of material related to the author: news articles and reviews of her writings, letters and postcards, 1929 ephemera from Camp Merryweather, photographs, a 1932 poem and a copy of an 1934 address by Charlotte R. Moore.

Laura F. Sprague collection, 1981-1987This collection includes reviews, an inscribed copy of The Glass Club Bulletin and a photo.

Laura Godfrey collection, 1885This collection includes a travel diary, a transcription of the diary and dried flowers.

Laura Loud Orcutt collection, 1980-1997This collection includes an article, The Decorator and obituaries.

Laura Moorby Tooke collection, 1931This collection contains a letter written by Tooke to the editors of the Portland Press Herald, about reviewing her latest book Betty of New England.

Lee Agger collection, 1981-1988This collection includes correspondence with former MWWC curator Dorothy Healy, Agger’s speech for the Altrusa Club meeting and a letter to Annette Dorey.

Lee Sharkey collection, 1996This collection includes broadsides and a review.

Lillian Nordica collection, 1907, 1957This collection includes a centennial concert program.

Lillian Russell Porter collection, 1954-1976This collection includes an obituary, correspondence with MWWC and a manuscript.

Linda Tatelbaum papers, 1972-2003This collection consists of manuscript material related to her books, poetry, essays, journals related to her teaching and proprioceptive writing.

Lisa May Giles collection, 2015The collection contains a postcard for one of Giles’ poetry readings.

Lisa Rowe Fraustino collection, 1994This collection includes publicity.

Lizzie Marshall Richardson collection, 1848-1918This collection includes letters of Lizzie Marshall Richardson transcriptions from the Dorothy Pratt Clark Collection.

Lois Lowry collection, 1977-1997This collection includes correspondence, articles, interview and published work in periodicals.

Lou Rogers collection, 1985-1986This collection includes letters to Dorothy Healy, an article and a portion of “Studies in American Humor” by Alice S. Klak.

Louise Bogan collection, 1934-1985This collection includes a note from Bogan to Ruth Limmer, her literary executor, as well as brief MWWC correspondence with both Limmer and Bogan. There is also a special printing of Bogan’s poem “July Dawn,” a choral piece with text by Bogan, and a poetry manuscript entitled “Wanderlust.” Also included is a Lotte Jacobi photograph of Bogan and clippings relating to Bogan and her work.

Louise Darcy collection, 1933-1978This collection includes published poetry and obituary.

Louise Dickinson Rich collection, 1932-2009This collection includes a yearbook, articles, obituary and short story.

Louise Imogen Guiney collection, 1900, undatedThis collection includes correspondence and reviews.

Louise Lamprey collection, 1934-1935The collection consists of biographical newspaper articles, and a typescript of four stories by Lamprey.

Lucille Iverson collection, 1988, undatedThis collection includes a resume, poem typescripts and correspondence to Dorothy Healy.

Lucy C. Williams diaries, 1980-1998The diaries cover the years from 1980-1998 with the exception of 1981-1983, 1985 and 1997. They are written in daily planner-style journals with small squares allotted for each day.

Lura Beam collection, 1934-1990This collection includes reviews, a historical society booklet, a photocopy of “Contemporary American Novel” written by Beam and a copy of a story published in The Yale Review.

Lynn Flewelling collection, 1996-1997This collection includes articles, reviews, a resume and biographical information.

Madeline Wesson collection, 1933This collection consists of a birthday greeting.

Maggie Lewis collection of May Sarton memorabilia, 1983–1995The collection is mainly letters from May Sarton to Maggie Lewis. It also includes several poems and poem broadsides Sarton sent to Lewis, as well as polaroids of Sarton and her house, and the program from Sarton’s funeral service.

Maine Association of Women in the Fine and Performing Arts records, 1977-1983, undatedThe Maine Association of Women in the Fine and Performing Arts (MAWFPA) records contain the papers and visual materials of this female-driven, artist-run organization active in the state from 1977 through 1983. The MAWFPA records are arranged into four series documenting the activities of the organization with majority focusing on Spectra 1 and Spectra 2, the two all-female multi-disciplinary arts celebrations produced by the organization in 1979 and 1982.

Maine Girls’ Camps collection, 1926-1928, undatedThis collection consists of promotional booklets and photographs from various Maine girls’ camps.

Maine Media Women records, 1951-2012Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The Maine Media Women Records consist of the papers generated by officers of the organization in the course of carrying out their functions. It also contains membership directories, newsletters published by MMW, newspaper clippings, and photographs. The vast majority of the materials are paper-based, although there are […]

Maine Retired Teachers Association records, 1976Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection consists of a typescript titled Grand State of Maine, assembled by the Maine Retired Teachers Association.

Maine Women Writers Reference collection, 1856-2013Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This artificial collection includes reference materials, articles, book reviews, and obituaries relating to a variety of people and organizations.

Manuscript Volumes collection, 1838-1952, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The Manuscript Volumes collection is an artificial collection made up of diaries, albums, scrapbooks, ledgers, day books, copy and commonplace books written by various unpublished Maine women writers. The Manuscript Volumes collection includes writings by Kate Flora and Alice Douglass, Mrs. F.E. Grinuell, Eleanor Hamlen, Nancy Smith, […]

Marcella M. H. Hines collection, 1839–1874Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains one handwritten poetry manuscript that includes notes about publication dates and periodicals in which the poems were published. Biographical/Historical Note Marcella Melville Hall was born at Hartford, ME, on Dec. 3, 1828. She was married to Joseph W. Hines, Aug. 29, 1847, and spent […]

Margaret Burnham collection, 1808-1995This collection includes an obituary, poems, a sermon from Oliver Ellsworth, photographs, a beaded bag, and an invitation to the Constitutional Centennial Celebration.

Margaret Dickson collection, 1983-1993Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, promotional materials and reviews. Biographical/Historical Note Margaret Dickson is a native of Leeds, Maine. She published several novels including Octavia’s hill and Maddy’s song, as well as poetry and short stories.

Margaret Ellen Clifford collection, 1928-1934Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes photographs, playbills, correspondence, ephemera from travels, school papers, and a published play (in Vassar Review). Biographical/Historical Note Margaret Ellen Clifford attended the Briarcliff School for Girls at Briarcliff Manor, New York. She attended Vassar College and graduated in 1929. She studied theater in school […]

Margaret Flint collection, circa 1938, 1980Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes articles and dust jacket.

Margaret J. M. Sweat papers, 1835-2005, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) | Digitized material Collection Scope and Content This collection contains manuscript material created by the author, including personal and travel diaries from numerous international trips, essays and unpublished writings, prose and verse papers, correspondence, and translations of classical works. There are also personal and themed scrapbooks, commonplace books, a recipe book, […]

Margaret Mueller-Shore collection, 1975Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes poems and note to Dorothy Healy.

Margaret Shea collection, 1978Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence with Dorothy Healy and a biographical note. Biographical/Historical Note During World War II, Margaret Shea moved from New York to small town Maine with her college friend, Rebecca Files, and their children. Their experiences formed the basis for her first book, a work of fiction, […]

Margaret Stevens Allen collection, 1976This collection consists of a single memorial booklet for her husband Neal, who died in 1976. The booklet contains two of her poems: “Autumn” and “This Road.”

Margaret Talbot Jackson papers, 1898–1917, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) | Digitized material Collection Scope and Content The Margaret Talbot Jackson papers are dominated by over 650 letters. The majority of these letters are between Margaret and her mother (Edith T. Jackson of Sorrento Maine), her aunt Marion, who was Dean of Women at the University of Chicago, and her fiance, […]

Margaret Todd collection, 1959Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of a typescript and an article.

Margaret Vaughan collection of May Sarton papers, 1982-2002This collection consists of correspondence, clippings, media and memorabilia related to, as well as work published by, the poet, novelist and memoirist May Sarton.

Margaret Wade Campbell Deland collection, 1925-1991Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a 1941 letter signed by Deland, a fascinating hand made gift book, photographs and slides of Graywood, published work in periodicals, and a matted and framed ink drawing of Deland’s Kennebunkport living room, 1950. Biographical/Historical Note Margaret Deland was born Margaretta Wade Campbell in […]

Margery Eliscu collection, 1977-1992Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes articles, publicity and newspaper columns. Biographical/Historical Note Margery Eliscu was born in New York in 1925. She attended Penn State to study voice but left school to marry her high school sweetheart, Robert. She wrote columns for various newspapers and magazines and published a collection of […]

Marguerite Weymouth Emerson collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes poetry.

Marguerite Yourcenar collection, 1984-1995The collection include articles, a program invitation to a play adapted from her work (in French), and a brochure about “Petite Plaisance”, her home in Bar Harbor.

Marian Bradford Rowe collection, 1949Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes booklet of “Our American Heritage” signed by Rowe.

Marie Ahnighito Peary papers, 1862-1995Marie Ahnighito Peary was born in Northwest Greenland on September 12, 1893, to arctic explorer Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary and his wife, Josephine Diebitsch Peary, of Portland, Maine, and Washington, DC. She became known worldwide as the “Snow Baby.”

Marie Donahue papers, 1929-2007Currently being processed.

Marie Knowles collection, 1992, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence and autobiographical pamphlets. Biographical/Historical Note Marie Knowles was the second of five girls in her family. Born in a Corinna, Maine farmhouse in the late 1800s, she moved with her family to Bangor at the age of seven. She did well in school, graduating in […]

Marion Kingston Stocking collection, 1995, 1999, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Collection includes letter, clippings and a poem dedicated to Stocking.

Marion Smith Lowndes collection, 1970, 1993Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes a letter and an obituary. Biographical/Historical Note Marion Smith Lowndes was the daughter of Susan Grant Smith.

Marjorie Johnson collection, 1975, 1981Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence and obituary. Biographical/Historical Note Born 1900, died 1980.

Marjorie Palmer Power collection, circa 1942Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains 2 poetry broadsides.

Marjorie Standish collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains a letter. Biographical/Historical Note Marjorie Standish was a cookbook author and food columnist from Maine.

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat collection, 1967-1985Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence with Dorothy Healy, promotional materials, Westbrook College Alumni News, clippings and Tower Award speech. Biographical/Historical Note Marjorie Sharmat was born in Portland, Maine in 1928. She graduated from Westbrook Junior College in 1948. She wrote well over 100 books for children and young adults, including […]

Marjory Bates Pratt collection, 1965-1992Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, self-published manuscripts which include her personal musings on life, and two haiku booklets. Biographical/Historical Note Marjory Bates Pratt wrote, among other things, haikus and lived on Monhegan Island, Maine.

Martha A. Hall collection, 1998–2003The Martha A. Hall papers document Hall’s practice as a book artist, and include postcards from shows, correspondence, and multiple prototype books that illustrate her interest in form, texture and color. Also included are slides, artist’s statements, price lists, as well as a catalog published by Smith College.

Martha Clark collection, undatedIncludes published poem possibly by Martha Clark.

Martha S. Henry collection, 1983–1985Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence and published and unpublished poetry.

Martha Tod Dudman collection, 2004, 2008Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes publicity materials.

Mary Anne Wallace collection, 1993-1995Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes four typescripts of essays on the subject of maritime history, written between 1993 and 1995.

Mary Beth Owens collection, 1988Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes letter to Dorothy Healy, article and publicity. Biographical/Historical Note Mary Beth Owens is an author and illustrator of children’s and young adult books.

Mary Elizabeth Neal Copeland collection, 1925-1985Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a scrapbook of published poetry clippings, photocopies of her 1938 and 1947 travel journals and a brief biographical sketch. Biographical/Historical Note Mary Neal Copeland grew up in South Brewer, Maine. She taught school briefly before being married at age 20. She wrote for Homestead […]

Mary Ellen Chase papers, 1902-1973This collection consists primarily of manuscript material highlighting Chase’s writing process and publications.

Mary G. Doe collection, circa 1849Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of a clipping of one of Doe’s poems, an elegy composed on the death of Abigail Marston, Parsonsfield, Maine (1849). Biographical/Historical Note Poet Mary G. Doe, daughter of Jeremiah Doe and Sarah Garland Doe, lived from 1801 to 1870. One “crime broadside” for which […]

Mary Ginn Worthley collection, circa 1940-1990This collection includes correspondence, articles, essays, a commonplace book and photographs.

Mary McCarthy collection, 1957, 1986Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes an invitation and an article published in The New Yorker. Biographical/Historical Note Mary McCarthy, novelist, essayist, and critic, graduated from Vassar College in 1933.

Mary R. Calvert collection, 1975-1996The bulk of this collection is composed of research materials used by Calvert for her works on the Kennebec River Valley. Included in the first series are photocopies of rare books, pamphlets, maps, and photographic reproductions documenting the history of the Abenaki Indians, early European settlers, and the logging industry.

Mary R. Palmer collection, 1984-1998Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence with Dorothy Healy, broadsides and reviews.

Mary Roberts Rinehart collection, 1936Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes a typescript of “Sanctuary.”

Mary T. Perley diaries, 1860-1904Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content In entries spanning the Civil War, the Centennial and the turn of the century, Mary Perley manages to fit decades of experience in two thin diaries. Rarely giving more than a few lines to a day, the journals cover the years between 1860 and 1904, inclusively. The […]

Mattie Fletcher diaries, 1911-1920This collection is composed of eight diaries written by Mattie Fletcher during the years 1911 and 1920. She was a young woman living at home with her parents and brothers.

Maude Moore collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes brief biographical information from Mrs. Mary Stiles. Biographical/Historical Note Born Ella Maude Smith born circa 1850, died 1922.

May Sarton papers, 1860-1994The Sarton papers consists of diverse material types: an extensive photograph collection compiled by Sarton, correspondence, poetry drafts and typescripts, special printings, sound recordings, literary criticisms, published material, and personal memorabilia.

Megan Grumbling collection, 2016Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection contains a program from “Persephone in the late Anthropocene”, as well as a press release from the University of North Texas. Biographical/Historical Note Megan Grumbling (born 1976) writes poetry, criticism and essays, and dramatic works, and serves as an editor, teacher, and writing mentor. Her […]

Michelle Dionetti collection, 1990-1994Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes resume, correspondence and reviews. Biographical/Historical Note Michelle Dionetti was born legally blind and invented stories as a child to help her comprehend the world around her. She has written several children’s books as well as adult fiction.

Mihku Paul collection, 2010-2014Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of one postcard for Paul’s exhibit “Many Hands: Wabanaki Paths of Learning” and posters for the reception for Paul’s exhibition “Look Twice: The Waponahki in Image and Verse” Biographical/Historical Note Mihku Paul is a poet, writer and visual artist, and an enrolled member of […]

Mildred Burrage collection, 1956-1991This collection contains scrapbooks Burrage maintained of her columns on arts and historical subjects that were written for The Boothbay Register and The Kennebec Journal, correspondence with the Maine Women Writers Collection, and articles about her.

Mildred E. Danforth collection, 1970-2007Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes correspondence, an article and copies of book covers. Biographical/Historical Note Mildred Danforth published several books, including A Quaker pioneer: Laura Haviland, superintendant of the Underground. She taught at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine and died in 1980.

Mildred McKinley Abele papers, 1912-1948This collection includes personal correspondence, examination notes from nursing school, earlier education materials, graduation certificates as well as a diary, bank book and CD of scanned images.

Millicent S. Monks collection, 1980-1986Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Contains correspondence between Millicent S. Monks and Dorothy Healy.

Millicent Todd Bingham collection, 1937-1968This collection includes correspondence with MWWC and two articles.

Minnie Bowden collection, 1978-1993This collection includes biographical information, published poetry, manuscripts and recordings of poetry readings.

Miriam Colwell collection, 1945-1998Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes an article about Miriam Colwell and Clifford S. Reynolds (Precursors of the “real” Maine by Sanford Phippen), reviews, and publishers’ manuscripts for three of her books – Wind off the water, Day of the trumpet and Young. Biographical/Historical Note Born in Prospect Harbor in […]

Miriam Dyak collection, 1975-1977Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes reviews and published poems, as well as correspondence with Blackberry Books publisher Gary Lawless, a poetry manuscript, cassette tapes, and a photo. Biographical/Historical Note Miriam Dyak (b. 1946) wrote in the bio of her book IN CELEBRATION OF PLANET EARTH: “My life centers in […]

Miriam Stover Thomas collection, 1906-1989Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of typescripts (mostly copies) of unpublished stories and essays. Biographical/Historical Note Miriam Stover Thomas of Harpswell, Maine, attended Bates College and the Columbia University Library School. She was a librarian at the Curtis Memorial Library and Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and authored both […]

Monica Wood papersFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content In addition to five folders of material in the alphabetical collection, there are 5 boxes of unprocessed papers relating to the drafting and publication of several of Wood’s books, as well as numerous diaries from the 1970s. The journals are restricted until after Wood’s death. Biographical/Historical Note […]

Mrs. F. E. Boothby collection, 1893, 1913This collection includes greeting cards designed by Mrs. F. E. Boothby and a Columbia Bell Committee newsletter.

Mt. Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union Records, 1858-1859This collection contains correspondence relating to fundraising activities, two copies of the Association’s newsletter, the Association’s constitution and by-laws, and other related material. Margaret Jane Mussey Sweat, a prominent Portland resident, was the Secretary for the Maine chapter.

MWWC Collection of Audio and Video Recording, 1970-2011, undatedThe collection includes a variety of media created and acquired by MWWC over the years.

Myra Lee Kennedy collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a song book.

Myra Smith Earl collection, 1993Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes review and publicity materials Biographical/Historical Note Myra Smith Earl was born in Winter Harbor, Maine in 1879. She lived in the coastal village for most of her life. Her book Fond Memory is about the early years of her life. She died in 1972.

Myrtle Doane collection, 1925-1981Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists largely of clippings of Doane’s newspaper columns and poetry from the Advertiser-Democrat and other local papers. Also included are her self-published poetry booklets, material relating to her 1970 campaign in support of school prayer, and research material regarding Dr. Adrian Scolten, a 1948 Maine […]

Nadya Bernard collection, 1980-1981This collection includes poems, photographs and correspondence.

Nancy A. Noble collection, 2011Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains one typescript of an article written by Noble on an art exhibit at Dodwell Gallery, Long Island, Maine. Biographical/Historical Note Nancy Noble is a freelance writer who lives in Long Island, Maine. She is past curator of the Maine Women Writers Collection and is […]

Nancy Dibner papers, 1966-2007Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The Nancy Dibner papers are divided into five series. Series 1 holds her papers concerning the National Organization for Women (NOW). Series 2 holds her papers concerning the formation of the Maine Chapter of NOW. Series 3 contains all the white papers and pamphlets on subjects of […]

Nancy Leavitt collection, 2010Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Interview re: In Hibernation in Letter Arts Review 24:1; poster about the form of the book

National Woman’s Party collection, 1853, 1914-1923, undated

Nellie Wade Whitcomb collection, 1884-1902The collection consists of notebooks, and one scrapbook of clippings of her published material.

Nicole Chaison collection, 2011This collection consists of one promotional postcard for a performance by Chaison and others entitled “The Passion of the Hausfrau: An Illuminated Solo Comedy,” held at Freeport Factory Stage.

Nora Archibald Smith papers, 1878-2009Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The Nora Archibald Smith papers document Smith’s life as an author and school administrator. The collection includes scrapbooks of her writings in publications such as Kindergarten Review, The Outlook, Primary School Popular Educator and New England Magazine. The collection contains correspondence to Kate Douglas Wiggin collected by […]

Norma Millay collection, 1926-1986Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a theater program, articles, correspondence. Biographical/Historical Note Norma Millay was the sister of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Ola Elizabeth Winslow collection, 1962-1977This collection includes correspondence to Grace Dow and Dorothy Healy, photographs, and manuscript for John Eliot.

Olive Thorne Miller collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes brief Christmas note enclosed in “Our Home Pets”. Biographical/Historical Note Olive Thorne Miller was born Harriet Mann in 1831. She was a naturalist, ornithologist and writer. She wrote children’s stories under the pseudonym Olive Thorne, nature sketches for children under her married name, Harriet Mann Miller, […]

Patience Stapleton collection, 1932-1952Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of reproductions of several articles about Patience Stapleton as well as clippings containing several of her published stories.

Patricia (Pat) White collection, 1982This collection includes correspondence with MWWC.

Patricia D’Angelo collection, 1991-1997Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, biographical information and published and unpublished poetry. Biographical/Historical Note Patricia D’Angelo grew up in Connecticut and moved to Maine to attend the College of the Atlantic. She has published a number of poems.

Patricia Davidson Reef collection, 1984-1989Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, articles, students’ writing, photographs and publicity.

Patricia DuBose Duncan collection, 2001-2017Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection contains a press release, a newspaper article, and a short biography. Biographical/Historical Note Patricia DuBose Duncan (born 1932) is an artist living in Topsham, Maine. She is best known for her work to gain support for designating some of the last remaining tall grass prairie […]

Patricia McGraw Anderson collection, 1988The collection includes a copy of Bowdoin (Fall 1988) with an article about the architecture of Bowdoin College.

Patricia Smith Ranzoni collection, 1991-2011Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, publicity, reviews and published poetry.

Peggy Lance Lee collection, 1991Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes publicity.

Penelope Martin collection, 1821-1993Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes an 1820s manuscript, 2 theses, and an Elizabeth Baxter proposal to publish Penelope Martin papers. Biographical/Historical Note Operated a boarding school for girls in Portland, Maine.

Perdita Huston papers, 1936–2007This collection includes files documenting Huston’s professional life, beginning with her journalism work with Time/Life in Algeria until her final work on the Global Family Project in the late 1990s. Included are research notes, interview transcripts, drafts of her writing projects, correspondence from throughout her career, and material on organizations and conferences she was involved with.

Phebe Anne Boyle collection, 1970This collection includes correspondence to Down East Magazine’s book reviewer.

Phyllis Austin papers, 1944-2017The collection consists primarily of Austin’s research conducted for various projects, mainly regarding Baxter State Park and in preparation for her book, Wilderness Partners: Buzz Caverly and Baxter State Park (2008).

Phyllis Schuyler Thaxter collection, 1890-1998Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of several manuscripts written by the author, a few pieces of correspondence, and some playbills and professional photos of Thaxter from her stage career, which spanned the 1920s-1940s. There is also a large collection of playbills from the 1930s-1960s, many related to her theater […]

Polly Kapteyn Brown collection, 1983-1993This collection includes an exhibit catalog, two unpublished typescripts, a photo and biographical information.

R.D. Witt collection, undatedThis collection contains manuscripts.

Rachel Carson collection, 1946-1964This collection includes material published in periodicals (photocopies) and one article about Carson.

Rachel Field collection, 1925-1971Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Among the manuscript material in this collection is correspondence from Rachel Field to Elizabeth Coatsworth and Rosamond Lamb and letters from a Cranberry Island legend, Samuel Clark Sanford, to Rosamond Lamb. There are two photo Christmas cards, magazine and newspaper reviews of her books, her obituary, and […]

Rae N. Simmonds collection, 1979-1998Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains promotional materials, scripts, sheet music, a thesis, and poetry. Biographical/Historical Note Rae N. Simmonds was a graduate of Westbrook College and the University of Southern Maine. She taught music and wrote musical theatre and poetry. She also wrote about Sri Lanka and the Abenaki.

Ramona Barth papers, 1880-2002, undatedThe items in this collection range from unpublished manuscripts, to stamp collections, to large posters. There is a small collection of VHS and cassettes, as well as transparencies with which Barth made t-shirts (including one of her own face). The topics are varied, but women’s liberation is a common theme throughout the collection.

Ramona Woodbury collection, 1972-1985Includes obituary.

Rebecca Cummings collection, 1984Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a press release and an article. Biographical/Historical Note Rebecca Cummings won a fiction chapbook competition sponsored by the Maine State Commission on the Arts and the Humanities in 1984. She has published a number of short stories.

Rebecca Goodale collection, 1999–2008Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes a screenprint from Goodale’s “Reading” series, event invitations, catalogues, materials related to the “Ant Girls” and other ephemera. Biographical/Historical Note Rebecca Goodale is a book artist whose work can be found in numerous public collections throughout the United States including the local collections at Bowdoin College […]

Rebecca Hourwich Reyher collection, 1960-1987Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains correspondence (1976-1987), articles, photographs, speeches and Reyher’s obituary. The letters are mostly concerned with the donation of the Sinon-Reyher Collection to Westbrook College and the Maine Women Writers Collection. There is documentation of the collection, including photographs of artifacts and information on the first […]

Rebecca Sophia Clarke collection, 1906, 1988This collection includes photographs and an obituary.

Rhea J. Cote Robbins collection, 1996-1998Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes reviews, articles and workshop publicity.

Rosamond Thaxter collection, 1962-1989Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes an obituary and articles. Biographical/Historical Note Rosamond Thaxter was Celia Thaxter’s granddaughter and also a writer.

Rose Marasco papers, 1923-1937, 1992-2015Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes exhibit catalogs, photographs, research projects, prints and publicity materials. It contains the Diary series of framed photographs from the Domestic Objects series, as well as the portrait photographs of Margaret J.M. Sweat, “Vinalhaven Women” and “Florence Burrill Jacobs”. It also contains research for the […]

Rosemarie Nervelle papers, 2014These papers consist of a copy of the author’s press release for and prefatory note to her memoir Swamp Robin, published in 2014 by Goose River Press in Waldoboro, Maine.

Rosemary Clifford Trott collection, 1975-1992Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes obituary.

Ruth Elaine Hawkins collection, 1945–1946Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection consists of Hawkins’s official US Navy discharge papers and ephemera, Navy literature, a few documents related to Hawkins’s speciality while serving, and a photograph (scan reproduction) of her in uniform. Biographical/Historical Note Ruth Hawkins was a Maine native who enlisted in the WAVES in 1945 […]

Ruth Mendelsohn papers, 1969-1995Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection consists largely of poem drafts (handwritten and typed) and notes for poems and other writing projects. It includes copies of, and publicity/correspondence about, her chapbook, Sixteen Pastorals. The collection also includes materials from writing classes, correspondence to/from family and friends, tax paperwork as well as […]

Ruth Moore collection, 1917-1995Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes manuscripts of Moore’s post-1955 novels and poetry collections, as well as editor’s notes, advance copies and galleys of these works. Also included are scrapbooks and loose clippings of reviews and publicity, as well as fan mail and literary correspondence. The collection includes biographical material […]

Ruth Sexton Sargent collection, 1937-1995Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes correspondence with MWWC, publicity materials, and articles. Biographical/Historical Note Ruth Sexton Sargent, born in 1920, lived on Peaks Island, off the coast of Maine. She was a photojournalist for Portland newspapers and wrote numerous books for children and adults, including Abbie Burgess: Lighthouse Heroine […]

S. Dorman collection, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection contains two press releases for Maine Metaphor: The Green and Blue House Biographical/Historical Note S. Dorman lived in Maine and studied its ways for over thirty years. She is the author of several works of speculative fiction, including The God’s Cycle, Gott’im’s Monster 1808, and […]

S. R. Graham Clark collection, undatedThis collection includes a short biographical sketch.

Sallie O. Griffin collection, 1949Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes unpublished poems.

Sally Sayward Barrell Keating Wood collection, 1800-1998The collection consists of material about the author’s life and her literary career taken from 20th century newspapers and from journal articles, a daguerreotype, 19th century ephemera and a manuscript.

Sally Thompson Powers collection, 1835Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Written in 1835, this diary records Sally Powers’ early childhood experiences, including the loss of her mother; her feelings of guilt and self-doubt and struggle to be a “real” Christian. Biographical/Historical Note Sally Thompson Powers was born in “Cornish County of York State” in 1797, to parents […]

Sandra Featherman papers, 1967-2008Full finding aid (pdf) | Digitized material Collection Scope and Content The Sandra Featherman papers consist of published academic papers, correspondence, speeches, news clippings and conference programs documenting her academic career and public service from 1967-2008, as well as a small amount of personal correspondence. The collection is arranged into seven series. Series 1, Biographical […]

Sarah (Sally) White Jackson collection, 1960–1965Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes poetry and a thesis. Biographical/Historical Note Former Westbrook College Librarian.

Sarah Bridge Graves collection, 1942–1989, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of published articles, published and unpublished poetry, drawings by Graves, as well as mineral specimens. The collection also contains biographical material, correspondence to Dorothy Healy and publishers, and photographs of Graves. Biographical/Historical Note Poet, teacher, rock-hunter, and children’s book author, Sarah Bridge Graves settled […]

Sarah Jones Bradbury collection, 1888-1898This collection includes extracts from Bradbury’s diary (1750-1766), published in the Sunday Courier-Telegram in 1898, and excerpts from text read in 1888 at the Fortnightly Club of Chicago.

Sarah Orne Jewett collection, 1801–1997The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, articles, reviews, research papers, memorabilia, photographs, printed material, artifacts, and family business records.

Sarah Wood Frost correspondence, 1815-1822Full finding aid (pdf) | Digitized material Collection Scope and Content This correspondence consists of 11 letters written by Dr. William Frost to his daughter, Sarah (Sally) Wood Frost, between the years of 1815 and 1822. Most of the letters originate in Havana, Cuba. The subject matter of these letters from a father to his […]

Sarah Wyman Whitman collection, 1994-2008This collection consists of articles and ephemera.

Sharon Cummins collection, 2007Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection contains notes from Evergreen Cemetery, 1850 and 1860 censuses, and records from Kennebunk. The materials also include newspaper articles on the murder trial and an earlier description of the marriage and murder, which was included in the book Women Who Kill. Biographical/Historical Note Sharon Cummins […]

Shay Stewart-Bouley collection, 2007-2011Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains printouts of Stewart-Bouley’s blog posts and clippings from her column in the Portland Phoenix and the Boston Phoenix. Biographical/Historical Note Shay Stewart-Bouley was born in Chicago and relocated to Maine in 2002. A graduate of DePaul University and Antioch University New England, she is […]

Sheilah Hillman collection, 1976–1981Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes a private school handbook

Sidney Baldwin papers, 1891-1986This collection is composed largely of newspaper columns written by Baldwin, mostly for The Peoria Star (Illinois), dating from the late 1890s through the 1950s. There is also biographical and genealogical information included, as well as some early family correspondence and several photographs of Baldwin in her later years.

Sinon-Reyher collection, 1976-1989Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes correspondence (1976-1987), articles, photographs, and a speech. All materials are mostly concerned with the donation of the Sinon-Reyher Collection to Westbrook College and the Maine Women Writers Collection in 1978. There is documentation including detailed descriptions and photographs of the artifacts in the collection […]

Siri Beckman collection, 1992-2004Includes greeting cards designed by Siri Beckman, a resume and exhibition information.

Sister R. Mildred Barker collection, 1990This collection includes an obituary and a black and white photo of Sister Mildred.

Smith family papers, 1878-1935Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Of the 261 files in the Smith Family papers, the majority are the papers of three Smith women. Series I contains materials pertaining to Marion Howard Smith (the central figure in the collection, 1849-1910). Series two consists of materials related to Marion Stuart Smith and Series 3 […]

Sophia E. Perry collection, 1862, 1886Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes a poem and an essay written by Perry. Biographical/Historical Note Sophia Perry was a resident of Gorham, Maine. She attended the Salem Normal School in Salem, Massachusetts.

Sophia Elizabeth Hayes Goodwin collection, 1992, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a manuscript, a photograph and obituary. Biographical/Historical Note Goodwin had close connections to the Sarah Orne Jewett house in South Berwick and was for a time its resident tour guide.

Stephanie Green Kincaid collection, 1978–1982Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence to Dorothy Healy, reviews and greeting cards.

Sue McConkey papers, 1912-2001Full finding aid (pdf) | Digitized material Collection Scope and Content This collection contains biographical material, including family photographs, and transcripts from interviews with McConkey. Other items include published articles about the writer and her work, material associated with the Poetry Fellowship of Maine, and chapbooks containing some of her poems. Also found in the […]

Suffrage collection, 1884-1987Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content The collection contains an 1884 printed letter which accompanied a circulating petition, enlisting signatures to support municipal woman suffrage, signed by five women, including Julia Ward Howe, working on behalf of the Massachusetts Women’s Suffrage Association, a local branch of the American Woman Suffrage Association; a circa […]

Susan Douglas Franzosa collection, 2004Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes lecture.

Susan Hayward collection, 1991–1997, undatedFull finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of nine educational booklets Hayward created for the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary in Lewiston on topics such as fungi, trees, the senses, nature hikes, birds, wildflowers, insects and squirrels. Biographical/Historical Note Susan Hayward, B.S., is a Maine naturalist heavily involved in educational outreach. She has […]

Susan McIlvaine Kenney collection, 1984–1995Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes articles and reviews, as well as several letters. Biographical/Historical Note Susan McIlvaine Kenney was born in Pennsylvania and spent her childhood in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. She received her B.A. from Northwestern University and an M.A. and PhD. from Cornell. She is the […]

Susan Nichols Pulsifer collection, 1918-1974Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, manuscripts, biographical material and articles. Biographical/Historical Note Susan Nichols Pulsifer lived in Harpswell, Maine with her husband, poet Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer. She was a nurse during the first World War and together with Anne Morgan, built and maintained a maternity hospital in the Arras section […]

Sylvia Tryon collection, 1912-1979Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection contains a biographical sketch of her mother, Kate Tryon; correspondence focusing on her mother and the Tryon gift to the college; a manuscript of her play, Christmas at Castlewood; published poetry; descriptions of her mother’s paintings and Jefferies quotations to accompany them. Biographical/Historical Note Sylvia […]

Theodora J. Kalikow collection, 1968–2016Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes correspondence, scholarly articles, reviews, conference papers, speeches and newspaper columns by Kalikow. It also includes interviews with her, dissertations about her, and various awards and recognition. Biographical/Historical Note A native of Swampscott, Massachusetts, Theodora Kalikow received the A.B. in Chemistry from Wellesley College in […]

Theodosia L. Barrell collection, 1904-1918This collection includes student record books, notes from teaching classes, notes from “Shakespeare Club,” poetry, and blank report cards.

Thomas Family letters, 1868-1889Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of a collection of over 200 letters sent to U.S. Army pay master Major Henry Goddard Thomas by his mother Elizabeth Goddard Thomas, sister Eliza, wife Nell, daughters Mary (Molly) and Louise, and son Harry. The collection also has one letter from father William […]

Toby Shafter collection, 1938-1967Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection includes a 1938 travel diary, photograph, news clippings, notes, correspondence and manuscripts. Biographical/Historical Note Toby Shafter wrote a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay entitled Edna St. Vincent Millay: America’s best loved poet.

Vaun E. Born collection, 1984This collection includes a booklet on the Eunice Frye Home with a letter to MWWC.

Vena Bernadette Field collection, 1931Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes copy of “The Maine Bulletin”

Virginia Chase papers, 1910-1987This collection includes correspondence with both Dorothy Healy and Grace Dow as well as with others, typescripts of Virginia Chase Perkins’ novel, This American House and other publications, and interviews, clippings and reviews of her work in publications such as Down East and Yankee, including a very representative collection of her short stories from the 1930s into the 1980s.

Virginia I. Withee collection, 1998This collection contains a typescript.

Virginia Rich collection, 1982-1985Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content Includes correspondence, reviews, articles, promotional materials and a photograph. Biographical/Historical Note Virginia Rich pioneered the “culinary mystery” subgenre with three novels she published in the early 1980s. Her books included recipes and she was the food editor for Sunset Magazine. Rich spent several months per year at […]

Woman’s Woodfords Club records, 1915-2015Records of the Woman’s Woodfords Club includes annual reports, notes, calendars, guest books, bylaws, membership lists, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs and slides.

Yvonne Souliere collection, 1992Full finding aid (pdf) Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of a paper written by Souliere about educations for girls in Portland in the early 1800s.