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Our mission is to promote intellectual curiosity in order to work toward a healthier community and planet, in conversation with strong, relevant contemporary art across disciplines.

UNE’s gallery system provides a unique approach to the visual arts in Maine through recognizing a wide range of academic and scientific interests in juxtaposition with contemporary art. We promote a broad, diverse, inclusive, and thought-provoking range of perspectives within the specific context of each exhibition. Exhibits are chosen to highlight the institutional strengths and interests of UNE with an emphasis on earth, environmental, and social sciences; medicine; education; arts; and humanities.

We maintain two gallery locations; on UNE’s Biddeford and Portland campuses. Each gallery mounts approximately three exhibitions each academic year in a variety of media and focusing on a range of themes.  

News & Events


Dress Codes

“Dress Codes” is an exhibition and collaboration with artist Nancy Grace Horton coming to UNE this fall. Nancy Grace Horton…

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The Complete City: Imagined

Since 2017, The Portland Society for Architecture has been using blank maps of Portland, Maine as a tool for citizen…

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Opening Reception for “The Complete City: Imagined”

Since 2017, The Portland Society for Architecture has been using blank maps of Portland, Maine as a tool for citizen…

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Opening Reception for “The Art of the Comic”

Please join us on Thursday, July 11 from 5 – 7 PM for the opening reception of “The Art of…

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The Art of the Comic

Featuring the work of 28 local comic and sequential artists, illustrators, and professional doodlers, “The Art of the Comic” explores the…

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The Dolphin Brain

The Peter J. Morgane Research Collection on the Cetacean Brain, 1962–2004 Throughout history, the results of scientific research have been…

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No One Fights Alone: World War II in the Pacific

Using the archival collections of the University of New England’s Library Services Department of Special Collections, specifically, the Randall J.…

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Mackworth Island Transformed — Rocks Reimagined

The Art Gallery at the Ketchum Library on the Biddeford Campus of the University of New England is pleased to…

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My Creativity Heals Myself and Others: Martha A. Hall’s Artists’ Books

Martha Hall’s artists’ books explore the experience of living with cancer and the frustrations and vulnerabilities inherent in living with…

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Elemental Changes

Featuring Recent Artwork by Stephen Burt, M.F.A., Chair, UNE Department of Arts The Art Gallery at the UNE Biddeford Campus Ketchum Library…

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