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Collection Finding Aids

Thelma Dunning, D.O. collectionMaterials collected by Clare Dunning, D.O. and includes Massachusetts College of Osteopathy Catalogue 1927-28, Massachusetts Osteopathic Hospital brochure, 1937 and various newspaper clippings.

Albert R. Amalfitano, D.O. collectionIncludes an article published in the New England Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, short autobiography, and recorded interview.

Ron Ashkerasy collectionSingle volume of “Osteopathy Research and Practice” by A.T. Still, 1910.

William Bergen, D.O. collectionPhotographs and clippings.

John Bete, D.O. collection Photograph and conference brochure.

Laurence Bouchard, D.O. collectionA small collection of correspondance.

Russell H. Bridges, D.O. collection Medical instruments and bag with supplies.

Dwight F. Brown, D.O. collectionContains 34 pieces of jewelry, some related to osteopathic professional organizations and schools.

Heber Cleveland, D.O. collection2 newspaper clippings relating to the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine from the early 1960s.

Cranston General Hospital collectionIncludes photographs, clippings, publications, artifacts, and administrative documents related to Cranston General Hospital, established in 1933 as the Osteopathic Hospital of Rhode Island.

Grant Dearborn, D.O. collection Includes medical texts and an appointment book.

Louis R. Farley, D.O. collectionIncludes a variety of records dated 1907-1974 and includes items created and collected by Dr. Farley as well as his daughter.

Doris Harmon Flaherty scrapbookPhotocopies of photos and clippings relating to Maine Osteopathic Hospital.

Harry Friberg, D.O. collection Includes an Ophthalmologist Examination Chair, ephemera.

Martha Friberg, D.O. collection Photograph of OHM Intern Class of 1978 and brocure

Edward Friedman, D.O. collection Armchair and locker from the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine.

Philip Haigis, D.O. collectionCopies of photos, newspaper clippings relating to Dr. Haigis and his work in Scarborough, and a biography written by Martyn Richardson.

Lowell Hardy, D.O. collectionContains records dated from 1930-1986 contains records dated from 1930-1986 which primarily document Dr. Hardy’s professional life including his education, post-graduate training, membership in professional organizations, as well as professional writing on topics ranging from the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine (OHM) to specific medical treatments.. Dr. Hardy was on staff at at the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine 1936-1979 and at the Portland City Hospital 1975-1979.

William C. Harvey, M.D. collection Contains a microscope.

Elizabeth Havu collection Contains medical instruments.

M.C. Hothem, D.O. collection Includes photographs, books and ephemera.

Hadley Hoyt, D.O. collection Includes publications, UNE and UNECOM documents, and records from the Maine Osteopathic Association, The British School of Osteopathy, and the Auxiliary to the American Osteopathic Association.

In This Together: Documenting DOs During COVID-19The New England Osteopathic Heritage Center project to collect the personal stories and experiences of DOs living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Jealous, D.O. Audio Visual collection Series of instructional videos on VHS and DVD.

Clifford H. Keating, D.O. collection Issues of Osteoblast 1927-1931.

Roger Kendrick, D.O. collection Books, medical instruments, and a whale vertabrae used for instruction.

Ketchum Library Audio Visual collection Includes photographic slides, film on VHS and DVD, and audio recordings.

Stanley Kimball, D.O. collectionThis is an artifical collection consisting of materials gathered by Dr. Kimball.

William Kirmes, D.O. collection Includes correspondance, New England Foundation for Osteopathic Medicine documents, and a manuscript.

Leo D. Lemieux, D.O. collectionNewspaper clippings, staff meeting recognition from Brighton Medical Center, and a Maine Osteopathic Association resolution as well as a Surgical kit and a Stethetron.

Maine Osteopathic Heritage Foundation (MOHF) collectionNotes and drafts related to the OHM Memoir Project, various OHM photographs dating approximately to the 1980s and 1990s and more.

John M. McPartland, D.O. collection Includes documents and photographs.

William Morris, D.O. collection Brochure from the 31st Annual Convention of the Vermont Osteopathic Association, 1936.

New Hampshire Osteopathic Association records Meeting minutes 1950-1965.

James Novotny, Ph.D. collection New England College of Osteopathic Medicine self study, December 1978.

Osteopathic Hospital of Maine Alumni Group collection Includes meeting minutes and financial documents, newsletters, ephemera, and photographs.

David Patriquin, D.O. collection Oral history and American Academy of Osteopathy publications, 1938-1998.

Charles Perakis, D.O. collectionIncludes UNECOM photographs and yearbooks.

Barbara Peterson collection Includes papers, lectures and newsletters.

Carmen Pettapiece, D.O. scrapbooks 6 Scrapbooks containing ephemera, photographs, newspaper clippings, and documents related to the Maine Osteopathic Association and the history of osteopathy in Maine.

Robert E. Pike, D.O. collection Osteopathic medicine books 1949-1975.

PublicationsOsteopathic books, directories, yearbooks, journals and other publications.

Steve Ramer collection Ephemera, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine and Brighton Medical Center.

Milton Redlitz, D.O. collection Medical instruments and apparatus.

Martyn Richardson, D.O. collection Includes Oral history, photographs, and publications.

J. Jerry Rodos, D.O. collection Inlcudes articles, photographs, and publications.

Kenneth Russell, D.O. collection Consists of Dr. Russell’s appointment books. Due to the inclusion of patient names and procedures these records are restricted. Please contact the NEOHC for more information

Stephen Shannon, D.O. collection Photographs, clippings, and UNECOM Commencement Address, 2008.

Ira Stockwell, D.O. collection Clippings, drawings, photographs, programs and ephemera. Also includes the Portland Osteopaths’ Directory.

William Strong, D.O. collectionIncludes photographs, publications, diplomas and certificates, presentations, and audio recordings.

Ralph Thieme, D.O. collection Includes interviews, lectures, books, journals and other publicaitons.

Edward A. Tibbetts, D.O. collection Photographs, artifacts, diplomas and certificates, and an obituary.

Arthur VanDerburgh, D.O. collection Photographs, correspondance and newsletters.

Carl Vanderputten, D.O. collection Electrocardiograph and Tonometer.

Anne Wales, D.O. collection Photographs, Newsletters, clippings and The College Journal, Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery, 1925-1927.