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Cadence Atchinson
Online Research and Teaching Librarian

(207) 221-4327

Library liaison for Online programs. Cadence has a liberal arts background and provides in person and asynchronous orientation… Read More

Sarah Baker
Curator Maine Women Writers Collection

(207) 221-4334

Sarah serves as the Curator for the Maine Women Writers Collection. Though trained in a broad range of research and… Read More

Jenna Blake Davis
Access and Administrative Services Librarian

(207) 602-2811

Oversees the Information Desk at the Ketchum (Biddeford) Library, as well as financial operations for Library Services. Holds… Read More

Sonya Durney
Scholarly Communication, Research and Teaching Librarian

(207) 602-2497

Contact Sonya for research help! You will also see her teaching library workshops in the Ketchum Library. She… Read More

Elizabeth Dyer
Dean of Library Services

(207) 602-2319

Beth served as Interim Dean of Library Services from June 2020 – May 2021 before becoming permanent Dean.… Read More

Zach Enright

(207) 221-4324

Archivist for the Westbrook College History Collection, St. Francis College and High School History Collection, New England Osteopathic… Read More

Kate Harold
Collections Librarian

(207) 602-2553

Contact Kate with questions about interlibrary loan services or requests to improve our collections, including purchase requests. Kate… Read More

Hilary Irons
Gallery and Exhibitions Director

(207) 221-4449

Directs, curates and manages exhibitions for the art gallery spaces on both UNE campuses. Hilary is also a… Read More

Bethany Kenyon
Digital Access Librarian

(207) 221-4325

Contact Bethany to report library resource access issues or with questions about UNE’s online instititutional repository, DUNE: DigitalUNE.

Amanda Leen
User Experience and Web Services Librarian

(207) 602-2833

Administrator of UNE Library Website.  As User Experience Librarian, she works to ensure that library services meet the needs of… Read More

Stew MacLehose
Associate Dean of Library Services, Digital Services & Systems Librarian

(207) 221-4535

Manages the libraries’ subscriptions to electronic resources and maintains library systems and contracts. Stew earned a B.A. degree… Read More

Laurie Mathes
Access Services Librarian

(207) 221-4326

Laurie oversees the Information Desk at the Portland Campus Library and its collections and student employees. She is… Read More

Cathleen Miller
Education and Outreach Archivist

(207) 602-2131

Cathleen collaborates with faculty members to bring special collections materials into the classroom. She is an interdisciplinary thinker… Read More

Jefferson Navicky

(207) 221-4293

Jefferson processes collection material for the Maine Women Writers Collection, and assists researchers and the general public with… Read More

Molly Nelson
Office Manager

(207) 602-2386

Manages the library budget and provides administrative support for the library team.

Cindy Stewart
Research and Teaching Librarian

(207) 221-4333

Cindy is available to assist you with your research or to provide library instruction to your students. Cindy is… Read More

Barbara Swartzlander
Research and Teaching Librarian

(207) 602-2315

Library subject specialist for these UNE programs: Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Exercise Science, Medical Biology, Medicine,… Read More

Laura Taylor
Metadata Librarian

(207) 221-4360

As Metadata Librarian, Laura performs a multitude of tasks, including cataloging, digitization, design and general awesomeness. Laura has a… Read More

Shannon Yarbrough
Research and Teaching Librarian

(207) 221-4323

Contact Shannon for the following library support services: research skills, instructional or workshop opportunities, classroom tool development, including… Read More

Affiliated Faculty

Andrew Golub, Dean Emeritus of Library Services

We are grateful for Andrew’s 37 years of innovative, forward-thinking leadership as Dean of Library Services before his 2020 retirement.

Roberta Gray, Librarian Emerita

Roberta “Bobby” Gray served the library of Westbrook College and UNE for 42 years before retiring in 2021.

David Kuchta, Director, Creative Writing Programs, Maine Women Writers Collection

(207) 221-4334

David Kuchta runs the creative writing programs at the Maine Women Writers Collection at the University of New England. He… Read More

Jennifer Tuttle, Director, Maine Women Writers Collection

(207) 602-2539

Jennifer Tuttle teaches courses on literature and health studies, US Literature and cutlure, women’s writing, and the US West. Holding… Read More