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How to find an article, when you are given the full citation

Search By Title

The easiest way to find an article when you have the full citation is to enter the title into the articles search. Be sure to enter just the article title, and not the full citation.

Use one of our citation style guides or watch this brief video tutorial for help determining which part of the citation is the article title.

If you can’t find your article with a title search, try searching for the journal in which it is published.

Search by Journal

  1. Enter the journal title in the journal search. Use one of our citation style guides for help determining which part of the citation is the journal title .
  2. Look at the date ranges of the results and make sure that the publication date of your article is included. You may see multiple sources with different date ranges.
  3. Select a source that includes your article’s date range and you will be taken to the journal’s website. Look for past issues or archives to find the year, volume, and issue you need. Once in the issue, select your article from the table of contents.

If you don’t see a source that includes the year your article was published, then we do not have access to your article, but you can request an Interlibrary Loan and receive a copy, usually within 1-2 business days.

For a short, step-by-step video tutorial of this process, see Finding a Specific Journal Article (video).

Questions & Help

If you have questions about finding articles, librarians are here to help!

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