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A Day in the Life of Maine Women

On November 18, 2022, MWWC Archivist Jefferson Navicky gave a talk called A Day in the Life of Maine Women: Diaries of Everyday Life.

From the event description: “The Maine Women Writers Collection has numerous diaries spanning the 19th and 20th century kept by Maine women across the state whose lives were remarkable in their un-remarkableness. In the quotidian passing of their days – from weather to chores to historic moments – the accumulation gives shape and significance to their lives. By sampling and discussing a selection of these diaries across time, we will all connect with the common struggles and small triumphs of what it’s like to be human and to live day by day. The Wilson Museum and the Castine Historical Society also invite you consider how the exploration of women’s diaries in our local collections can be inspired by Navicky’s approach.”

Enjoy this video of the event!