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College of Pharmacy

For Betty Moses Ellis Golub, the practice of pharmacy was personal and a way to honor an enduring family legacy of providing care to her community.    

Betty’s great-grandmother, Chana Tiefenbrunner, was an herbalist and healer who cared for the sick in her village of Rudnik, Poland. While the Holocaust devastated the family, several survived due to the bravery and kindness of a neighbor, who also preserved several family heirlooms.  When Golub traveled to Poland in 1982, she was able to meet this neighbor who returned her great-grandmother’s mortar and pestle, something especially dear to her as a pharmacist.  When Betty opened the Kennebunk Village Pharmacy in 1996, she chose this mortar and pestle for the logo.  

While caring for her communities for over 40 years, Golub amassed a collection of historical apothecary objects, which she collected or received from patients and friends.  Upon closing the pharmacy in 2018, Betty, wife to Andrew Golub, Dean Emeritus of UNE Library Services, decided to donate her collection, including the pharmacy’s original sign featuring the mortar and pestle, to the UNE School of Pharmacy, where it can be seen on the first floor.