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Boardman-Smith Collection, 1915-1943, undatedThis collection is comprised primarily of correspondence between (and to) Raymond H. Boardman and Lillian L. Smith. There are letters from other correspondents, family photographs, and a few items of ephemera.

Randall J. Cushing Collection of World War I and World War II Letters, 1914-1963This is a collection of 27 portions of World War I and World War II letters by various soldiers and their families between 1918 and 1946.

The Peter J. Morgane Research Collection on the Cetacean Brain, 1962-2010Contains Dr. Morgane’s and collaborator’s work on the Cetacean brain: 30 boxes of glass and film slides, thousands of photographic prints, X-rays, mounted photographic prints, photomicrographs, as well as manuscript papers, personal notebooks, Dr. Morgane’s Master’s and Doctoral theses, and hard copies of scientific papers.

The National Elder Perspective ArchiveThe National Elder Perspective Archive (NEPA), known as the Caregiver Diaries, consists of the meticulously kept caregiver and medical records kept by Elena Dodd and her sisters Linda Makosky, Joan Gould and Eileen Drath while providing end-of-life care to their mother Joan C. Harap.

UNE Together Apart: A COVID-19 Documentation Project UNE Special Collections actively collected the personal stories and experiences of students, faculty and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael W. Whalon Research Collection, 1960-1983The contents of this collection reflect Whalon’s work in the history of American politics and the Civil War, spanning from his undergraduate years at Bowdoin College, through graduate work at the University of Illinois and the University of Nebraska, including research on General Philip H. Sheridan and the Maine Republican Party.

Zine Collection, 2008-2024, undatedThis collection is comprised of zines by many different creators in a variety of media and genres, including collage, drawing and illustration; poetry and fiction, memoir, cooking, and resource guides. The zines document mental and physical health, family relationships, parenting, gender and sexuality, food ways, harm reduction, and many other topics.