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Admissions records, 1871-1999

Alumni Affairs records, 1858-2000

President William D. Andrews collection, 1987-1996Dr. William D. Andrews was president of Westbrook College 1987-1996.

President Edward York Blewett records, 1938-1986A variety of records created and collected by Dr. Blewett during his tenure as President of Westbrook Junior College, as well as his masters thesis and notes and materials collected for later use in speeches, addresses, and papers.

Board of Trustees records, 1842-1996Board of Trustees meeting minutes and papers from 1842-1996, administrative files dated 1884-1990, and correspondence dated 1921-1954.

Richard Bond, Dean of the College recordsCorrespondence, memoranda, reports, and meeting minutes dating from 1940 to 1980.

Business Manager records

Catalogs, 1844-1996Westbrook Seminary, Westbrook Seminary and Junior College, Westbrook Junior College, and Westbrook College catalogs from 1844-1996.

Commencement Programs, Ephemera and Speeches, 1868-1999

Communications Office records, 1970-1996

Continuing Education records, 1950, 1976-1992

President Thomas B. Courtice records, 1977-1986Records including the President’s Report 1979; Self Study, 1980; records regarding his resignation; various memoranda; as well as a resume.

Bradford Dudley Daziel collection, 1975-1996Contains items related to the memorial service on November 19, 1994 for Professor Daziel including photographs of the AIDS quilt constructed by students, Memorial Service guestbook, VHS tape of the memorial service, memorial service ephemera, photographs and an “In Memoriam album.”

Dean of the College records, 1928-1995 Documents related to accreditation and program evaluation.

Office of the Dean of the College records I, 1959-1995Records from Office of the Dean of the College dated 1959-1995. They include records from the tenure of Dean Lucy Morros, 1980-1986, and Dean Robald P. Morrison, 1986-1996.

Office of the Dean of the College records II, 1928-2001Collection of records culled from the Maine Women Writers Collection and items added over time as they were collected by library staff.

Development Coordinator records, 1982-1992

President James Dickinson records, 1958-1977Administrative documents of Westbrook College Presicent (1970-1977) James Dickinson.

Director of the Library records, 1967-2003

Vice President of External Affairs papers, 1963-1997

Faculty collection, 1878-1996

Financial Aid Office records, 1980-1997

Roberta Gray collection, 1932-1994Records collected by Director of the Library Roberta Gray and includes administrative records, brochures, and ephemera collected by herself and Mary Anne Wallace, Special Collections Librarian.

Myron Hager, Director of Admissions recordsAdministrative documents of the Director of Admissions at Westbrook College, 1957 to 1980.

Ruth Harvey ’35 collection, 1933-1961

Dorothy M. Healy collection, 1900-1987Records collected by Ms. Healy documenting the history of the buildings and grounds which make up the Westbrook college campus.

Dean of Students, Mary Lou Kiley, Women’s Studies records

Ronald Morrison, Associate Dean of the College records

Lucy Morros, Dean of the College records

Deborah Morton Society, 1961-2008

Office of the President records, 1965-1987Correspondence, reports, and subject files maintained in the presidents office 1965-1987.

Presidents of Westbrook College collection, 1834-1996Items collected from publications, websites, newspapers, as well as memos, correspondence, ephemera, studies, reports, and academic publications spaning the entire history of Westbrook College, 1834-1996.

President Milton D. Proctor records, 1927-1958Correspondance, ephemera, personal papers, reports, speeches and articles, and artifacts from Dr. Proctor’s 25 years as President of Westbrook Junior College

Registrar’s records, 1850-1984Registers, student records and files, and newspaper clippings related to alumni.

Scrapbooks, 1907-1995

Student Development records, 1854-1996

Student Work, 1859-1995

Treasurer records, 1890-1974

Harrison S. Whitman collectionDocuments which reflect Reverend Whitman’s dedication to his faith, as well as to his friends and family, Westbrook Seminary, and his private ventures.

Yearbooks, 1935-1996Yearbooks created by the students of Westbrook College entitled “The Tower.”