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Upcoming Exhibits

Light and Shadow: Motherhood, Creativity, and the Discourse of Ability

June-October 2024

Including the work of five artists and text by an art historian, “Light and Shadow” highlights the creative practices of artists who are also mothers of children with developmental or physical differences. The exhibit focuses on creative processes as part of the family dynamic, specifically related to women’s experiences as artist-parents, in the context of a conversation around (dis)ability. Work in the exhibit reflects the practice of each artist in a wide creative sense; without directly referring to family, creative work is by necessity a reflection of an artist’s life as a whole. “Light and Shadow” is a way to honor families, mothers, artists, and creative practice. Presented in cooperation with the UNE School of Education and the new MSEd-SE.  

2024 Faculty Exhibition

November 2024-January 2025

Join us for a celebration of the work of UNE’s talented and creatively powerful visual arts faculty.  Motivated by a strong sense of intellectual curiosity in the studio, faculty members embody UNE’s mission to embrace innovation for a healthier planet. Their diverse and skillful work sets an important precedent for thought-provoking and ambitious work in the classroom and in the wider arts community.