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Upcoming Exhibits

Seeking Light: Plants from Shoreline to Canopy in the Arts & Sciences

October 27, 2023-January 21, 2024

Opening reception Friday, October 27, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

This two-part exhibition, taking place at both the Portland and Biddeford UNE Art Galleries, will highlight the role of plants in the environment and in the creative imagination. Plants are a primary source of subject matter for many visual artists, providing a visual stimulus that is rich and varied, paired with a narrative of growth, ascension, and decay. Scientists hone their understanding of ecosystems and environmental interdependence through close study of plants and trees. At the UNE Art Galleries, Seeking Light will explore a variety of approaches to picturing and deconstructing the plant, from the shoreline of the Atlantic ocean to the top of the forest canopy. Text and diagrams from UNE’s Environmental Science program will provide insight into the role of trees and plants, offering an analytic perspective on their role in our environment. Seeking Light will illuminate the importance and power of plants from a wide range of viewpoints, opening the imaginations of visitors to new poetic and empirical approaches to this universal subject. Artists will include Jennifer Brou, Chip Barchilon, Breehan James, Luke Davulis, John Knight, Jocelyn Lee, Jim Mullen, Tessa Greene O’Brien, Christopher Patch, and John Sundling.

Recent Acquisitions in the Stephen K. Halpert Collection of Photography at UNE

February 9-June 16, 2024