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Upcoming Exhibits

Alphabet City: Art, Culture, and Letterforms

Kifah Abdulla, Mark Jamra, and Neil Patel

Painter Kifah Abdulla’s work merges Modernist abstraction with Arabic calligraphy, bringing script into a place of expression, while the design collaborations of JamraPatel use clarity and elegance to make African alphabets accessible and precise. The power of written communication spans a wide range in this show, from the beautifully obscured to the balanced and pure.

String Revolution: Textiles and Visual Artifact

co-curated by Elizabeth DeWolfe and Hilary Irons
May 21 – September 24, 2021

“String Revolution” will combine several parallel but distinct imaginative paths involving the history, construction, and use of textiles. Artists Duncan Hewitt, Hannah Adams, and Isabelle O’Donnell use textile as an expressive form or subject, allowing reflection on the ways in which the history of the textile industry informs material culture and continues to inform daily life.