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Gift Materials Policy

University of New England Library Services welcomes donations of books, journals, audio/visual, or other materials or resources. Donated materials become the property of the University of New England. Materials are reviewed, and those items which are deemed appropriate are added to the collection. All gift items accepted will not automatically be added to UNE Library Services holdings. UNE Library Services reserves the right to dispose of gift materials which are not added to the collection.

In general, UNE Library Services is interested in materials which have a fairly recent copyright date and are in good physical condition (no water damage, stains, or mold, highlighted text or writing in the margins, tears, warping, ink stamps etc.)

To make a donation

Contact Barbara Swartzlander before delivering gift materials. Gifts can be accepted only after they have been examined. Gifts left without prior notification and acceptance may be rejected and discarded.

We can provide a letter of acknowledgement for your donation which may be used as a receipt for tax purposes. Please note that IRS rulings preclude UNE Library Services from assessing the value of any donated materials. The donor is responsible for any appraisals.