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Gift Materials Policy

We welcome donations of books, journals, audio/visual, or other materials or resources. Gift materials are evaluated for currency, relevancy and with a mind to the balance of our collections. See our collections development policy.

In general we are interested in materials which have a fairly recent copyright date and are in good physical condition; free of water damage, stains or mold, highlighted text or writing in the margins, tears, warping, ink stamps, etc.

Donated materials become the property of the University of New England. We cannot guarantee that all donated items will be added to the collection or will remain available. If you would like items not added returned to you, please let us know; otherwise we reserve the right to dispose of or donate items for re-sale or recycling.

Our archives and special collections have different criteria. For donations to one of our collections, contact the collection archivist.

To make a donation

Contact Barbara Swartzlander to arrange a time to evaluate your donated materials. Please do not drop off gift items at the library without notification.

We can provide a letter of acknowledgement for your donation which may be used as a receipt for tax purposes. Please note that IRS rulings preclude UNE Library Services from assessing the value of any donated materials. The donor is responsible for any appraisals.