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We offer the following packages for information literacy instruction, or we can create a custom plan that meets your needs.  

These sessions can be taught in your class, at department meetings, or professional development workshops.  They can be taught in one session or spread out over several weeks. We are happy to work with you to find a structure that best fits your schedule.

Instruction Packages

Here are some recommended course packages, which can be taught alone or in combination. We can also work with you to create a custom plan that meets your course’s needs, assignments, and focus area.

More Topics

Select from the following topics, or add your own to create a customized instruction session.

Meet your Librarian
Duration: 10 minutes
Meet your subject librarian and learn ways to connect for assistance.
Library Scavenger Hunt
Duration: 50 minutes
Interactive scavenger hunt that will introduce subject-specific resources, both physical and digital.
Library Orientation
Duration: 40 minutes
General library orientation that will discuss library services, physical and digital spaces, and explain the role of the library in your research.
Locating Grey Literature
Duration: 40 minutes
We will define grey literature and develop strategies to locate these resources.
Advanced Searching Techniques
Duration: 30 minutes
Students will learn about advanced search strategies like use of Boolean operators, truncation, wildcard searching, and controlled vocabulary.
Primary Sources and Special Collections
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Introduces students to research with primary sources using the archival materials available in our Special Collections and online.
Evaluating Sources
Duration: 40 minutes
Introduce criteria to help distinguish between scholarly and popular resources and determine credibility and appropriate use for assignments.
Government Research
Duration: 50 minutes
Government resources can encompass data, statistics, laws, and legislation that can be helpful in research. This session will introduce students to government resources and research. 
Publishing Your Work
Duration: 60 minutes
Overview of the publication process including:

  • Identifing and evaluating an appropriate journal
  • Open access and author rights
  • Identifying predatory journals
  • Measuring research impact
  • UNE’s institutional repository DUNE:Digital UNE
Open Educational Resources (OER)
Duration: 60 minutes
In this session we will introduce OER and:

  • Define OERs
  • Locate existing OERs
  • Evaluate OERs
  • Learn how to incorporate them into your teaching
Duration: 40 minutes
Introductory session to discuss US copyright law, fair use, plagiarism, and UNE’s copyright policy.

Questions & Help

If you have questions on this, or another, topic, contact a librarian for help!