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Study Rooms

Group and private study rooms are available in each campus library on a first come, first served basis.

Study rooms cannot be reserved.

Book rooms on campus through the registrar’s office.

Using Study Rooms

Study rooms are for individual or group study. Keys are held at the at the front desk and require a valid UNE ID card. You can use study rooms for up to 2 hours at a time, and can renew as long as no one else is waiting for a room.

Biddeford Campus Library Study Rooms

There are 8 study rooms available in the Ketchum Library

All study rooms have white boards. Dry erase markers are available at the front desk.

Study RoomCapacityLocationTechnologyAccessible
1up to 6Upper LevelLarge monitor with HDMI cables
2up to 6Upper LevelLarge monitor with HDMI cables
3up to 10Upper Level
4up to 4Lower LevelYes
5up to 2Lower LevelYes
6up to 2Lower LevelYes
7up to 2Lower LevelYes
8up to 2Lower LevelYes

Portland Campus Library Study Rooms

There are 7 study rooms in the Abplanalp Library

All study rooms are equipped with a PC desktop computer (valid UNE login required) and white boards; dry erase markers are available at the front desk.

Study RoomCapacityLocationAccessible
1up to 6Upper Level
2up to 6Upper Level
3up to 4Upper Level
4up to 12Upper LevelYes
5up to 12Upper LevelYes
6up to 10Lower LevelYes
7up to 4Lower Level

Please bear in mind:

  • Study rooms are not soundproof and some are in silent study areas or above or below other library spaces – please be considerate of others.
  • We do our best to place groups in a room appropriate for their size and keep the larger rooms available for larger groups.
  • If no rooms are available, you have the option of leaving us your cell number; we’ll send you a text message when the next room becomes available. You will have 10 minutes to pick up the key or the room will go to the next person on the wait list.
  • We can hold the study room key for you at the front desk if you need to leave the library for a short time while still using a room. Do not take study room keys out of the building. If keys are lost, you will be charged a replacement fee of $25.00.
  • If you leave personal items unattended in study rooms after the keys are due back, we will call campus security to remove them and hold them for you.