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Upcoming Change to Library Search!

We are planning an exciting update to our library system in order to improve your experience with locating library resources.  

What is Changing?  

We currently maintain three separate search systems. Our new system will consolidate all searching into one, easy-to-use search box! 

Additionally, this change will update the software we currently use to manage library materials. This will make it easier for you to request items, see the library materials you have borrowed, and renew items.  

What is the Timeline?

The change is currently scheduled to take place on June 5, 2024.

Can We Test the New Search?  

Yes! Your feedback is very important to us. We anticipate that a test version of our new search will be available in February. We will post a link on this page and invite anyone interested to try it out and submit feedback.  

What About my Links & Bookmarks? 

Links or bookmarks to library resources may need to be updated once the changeover has occurred. Please reach out to us for assistance.  

Who Can I Talk to if I Have Questions or Concerns?  

We encourage you to reach out to your subject librarian with any questions or concerns about this search system update. We can help clarify what this change means to you and help with updating links to library resources.