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Tuesday Meditation Group

We have everything we need to find contentment within ourselves–it is just a matter of practice. In this group, we will practice bringing ourselves back from our thoughts to a point of focus: where our bodies touch the Earth, our breath, a contemplation, our connection with others.

This practice focuses on being gentle with ourselves, and building our compassion within so that we can radiate that out into our daily lives. This practice is for everyone. The perfect moment to start is now. Whatever you are bringing to the practice is welcome. Your presence is what matters. 

Please join us Tuesdays at 12pm – 1pm in the Ketchum Library Art Gallery, for as little or as much of the hour as you can. 
Everyone is welcome. 

Facilitator: Cathleen Miller (she/her) works in UNE Library Services, and brings her training in meditation to everything she does. She has worked with numerous teachers from the Zen tradition and the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Cathleen has been practicing meditation since 2003 and facilitating groups since 2009. Meditation has offered Cathleen a place to find self-compassion and the ability to work with difficult emotions.