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Introducing Bendable Maine

We are very excited about Maine’s new lifelong learning platform Bendable Maine. The Maine State Library has curated content tailored to the interests of, and in many cases created by, Maine residents. Includes resources for learning hundreds of languages, technology, cooking, crafts, local history and ecology, personal finance and more.

A few examples of the hundreds of courses available to you:

  • Food as Medicine: Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease
  • Improving your Athletic Perfomance in Eight Weeks with Plyometrics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Using Poetry to Explore Mental Health
  • Investigating Maine’s Lighthouses
  • Exploring Baxter State Park
  • Intro to Garment Sewing
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Red Hope Cipenuk and Wabanaki Knowledge Mobilization in Inmobilizing Times
  • Spanish for Healthcare
  • Delving into Racism
  • Plant identification
  • Storytelling for Social Change

Share your Knowledge

Bendable is a community resource; consider sharing your area of expertise with your fellow Mainers by contributing a module.