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Banned Books

The American Library Association documented 1269 demands to censor library books and resources in 2022. That is almost double the 729 books challenges reported in 2021. From January 1 – August 31, there have already been 695 attempts to censor library materials and challenges to 1915 unique titles.

Alarmingly, the majority of challenges in school libraries were filed by just 11 people and these challenges overwhelmingly targeted books featuring LGBTQIA+, Trans, or characters of color or which deal with race or racism.

As an academic library, we collect books across all content areas and we stand by public and school libraries in support of offering materials that support their entire communities.

The top 13 most challenged books of 2022 are:

How can you help? Show up and speak out against book bans in your community. The ALA campaign Unite Against Book Bans has news and resources to support you.