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Information Literacy Digital Badge

UNE Libraries services is excited to offer a digital badge in Information Literacy Level 1 skills to UNE students.

Where do I enroll?

Visit UNE’s Digital Badge page for more information or email UNE Librarians: Sonya Durney ; Cadence Atchinson; or Shannon Yarbrough to get started!

Why would I want to earn a badge?

Sharing badges with graduate schools, potential employers, etc., is a great way to demonstrate some of the skills and competencies you have acquired that are not captured in an academic transcript! The evidence attached to a badge provides concrete examples of your work.

What Is Information Literacy?

Being information literate means that you can identify when you need information, know where to look for answers, and can examine your sources to ensure they’re expert and worth your time.  

Why Is It Important?

With so many sources for information available to us 24/7, one could easily assume that high-quality information is more readily available than ever. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Just because so much information is easily available doesn’t mean all of it is useful or even correct.

If you want to ensure you are consuming accurate information–whatever you need to do with it–you need to be sure you can find and evaluate it. Today’s employers value these skills, too. Information literacy brings strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and makes for a capable, adaptable, valuable employee.     

Badge Requirements

Write a reflection paper discussing your research strategy and the learning involved in creating that strategy. Incorporate a known method of critical appraisal and write an annotated bibliography with focus on the quality of annotations.

Questions and Help

For questions about the Information Literacy Badge contact: