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Don’t fall for phishing!

There has been a recent increase in phishing attempts using an email claiming to be from UNE Library Services. The emails states that your library account will expire unless you follow a link and enter your password.

UNE Libraries will never send you an email letting you know your account is about to expire – you have access to UNE Libraries Services for as long as you are a UNE student, faculty or staff member.

How to spot

Here are some clues to spot phishing

The URL is not HTTPS

Look for the small lock before the URL in your browser bar. All UNE Library Services logins are secure. If you see a warning message and an unlock the email is phishing.

Look at the email address

e-mail notices from the library will always come from the email address “”


While we all make a typo sometimes, be wary of any email from the university that is contains awkward language or misspellings.

What if I’ve been phished?

If you receive an email you think is phishing, report it to UNE ITS by forwarding the email to

You can always email the library at or UNE ITS at if you are concerned about the legitimacy of an email you’ve received.

If you think you’ve clicked on a phishing link, you should immediately change your UNE password. To change your password, go to UNE OKTA and create a new password under “Settings” under your name in the upper right.