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Of and About the Road

Of and About the Road Opening

January 20, 2023

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Ketchum Library Art Gallery

Join us for our the opening reception of Of and About the Road: The Automobile in History, Society and the Environment at the UNE Gallery in the Jack S. Ketchum Library.

This exhibit has been co-curated with multi-media assemblage artist Dan Dowd to explore the automobile as a source of creative energy for artists, as well as its historical and ongoing role in society and in the environment. Featuring the work of: Philip Brou, Jamie Chan, Jarid del Deo, Dan Dowd, John Fireman, Abdi Nor Iftin, and Randy Regier.

Inspired by the legacy and culture of SAAB, Dowd has assembled a group of artists whose work presents and expanded view of how we see and relate to cars in our lives. “Cars have always been more than just transportation to me.  As a child I would ride in the backseat of our station wagon with my brother and sister and we would try to identify every car that we passed…I have always appreciated SAAB for their unique style, safety, fuel efficiency, durability and utility.  I worked at a SAAB Alfa Romeo Ferrari dealership as an undergraduate as a way to pay for my education but also to be around cars that I loved.  I’ve been driving SAAB vehicles solely since 1991.  I am intrigued by and fascinated with the loyalty SAAB drivers have and the community these cars create”, says Dowd.  With SAAB as a starting point, the exhibit expands upon this fascination with cars, including work that plumbs the imagery of the vehicle and related infrastructure in sculpture, film, assemblage, drawing, and painting.

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