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Donna M. Loring Lecture

Donna M. Loring Lecture

October 8, 2019

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

St. Francis Room, Ketchum Library, Biddeford Campus

Annoucing this year’s Donna M. Loring Lecture: “Teaching Wabanaki History and Culture in Maine: Challenges and Opportunities.” Since 2001, Maine law has required that K-12 education incorporate Wabanaki history and culture. Donna M. Loring, who was then the Penobscot Representative to the Maine State Legislature, sponsored the legislation. This year’s Donna M. Loring Lecture assesses Maine’s progress in implementing the law. The speakers, Pender Makin, Maine education commissioner; Fiona Hopper, social studies teacher leader and Wabanaki studies coordinator for the Portland Public Schools; and Bridgid Neptune, community partner, will address why this mandate is so important, how it has succeeded, and what challenges educators have yet to overcome in order to achieve its goals.

Refreshments will be provided.
Event will be live-streamed.

Thank you to IPEC for cosponsoring this event.
Attendance to this event can be applied to the Interprofessional (IP) Honors Distinction & CUP AHEC Scholar Honors Distinction. This presentation includes the following IP Competencies: Leadership, Values & Ethics.

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